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   Chapter 132 What A Bully

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6510

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It took Peter about an hour to calm and treat Shelly. After an hour, Peter felt so exhausted that he sat down limp and sweaty.

'Oh men! I feel so tired! It would have been simpler if I just had sex with her.'

Although he didn't have sex with her, he felt her all over including her bosom and private part. It was a tough experience for Peter. Shelly was really hot and moaned a lot. He was a man, and he really couldn't stand it.

Half an hour later, Shelly woke up. When she came to her senses, she covered her chest with her hands and her face went really pale. "Don't touch me!"

Clearly, she knew she was drugged.

The thought of having sex with Martin, that bastard, made her want to die.

"Nobody touched you," Peter assured her, worried. "Are you okay? Do you feel anything wrong?"

Although Peter had saved her, he was still afraid of the bad effects that the drug might still have on her.

"Peter!" Shelly's eyes lit up when she saw Peter was with her. She was so happy that she threw herself in his arms without hesitation. "You're awake! Where is that bastard?

It's all your fault! Why did you get drunk? That dreadful man could have tricked me." Shelly complained in a flirtish manner.

"Don't worry. You are safe." Peter almost lost control when he felt her hot body. He tried his best to behave.

He pushed Shelly away immediately. "I beat up that bastard. I was not drunk at all. I was there to protect you and help you get that contract. Look! He signed the contract!"

Shelly was so surprised when she saw the contract. She couldn't help but kiss Peter. "Wow! You're awesome!"

"Stop talking. Let's get out of here." Peter was eager to leave the place. He was afraid that he would lose control if he stayed with Shelly for one more minute.

"Okay." Shelly nodded. She put on her clothes and left Flourishing Dynasty with Peter quickly.

Outside, Peter calmed down when he felt the cold air.


ce once again. "I'm sorry. I don't know what to say right now."

'How stupid of me! if he gets irritated, I will be dead, ' thought the man.

Peter just looked at him, speechless.

He ignored his misdeed. "Martin asked you to beat me, right?"

"Yes. Well, no... yes." The man didn't know how to answer the question. He was so scared that Peter would beat him up if he gave the wrong answer.

Peter interrupted him. "Don't talk. Beat up Martin and I will let you go today."

The man was greatly relieved when he heard Peter. He turned to Martin and kicked him really hard. Then he asked the other men to punch Martin.

"Kick his ass! Fuck! How dare you mess with Peter! Are you fucking blind? Kick the bastard!"

The rascals ganged up on Martin without hesitation.

They knew how dangerous Peter was. If they disobeyed, Peter could beat them up instead.

'Martin, you bastard! Are you insane? How dare you ask us to fight with Peter? We could all die!' thought the men.

"Have you lost your mind? I am a relative of Rowen... Okay, I'm sorry. Please, don't beat me."

Martin was really mad at first. He threatened the men by boasting his relationship with Rowen. But the men paid no attention.

He was so furious that he cursed deep inside. 'I am so unlucky! What a bully!'

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