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   Chapter 131 Martin's Dirty Trick

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7046

Updated: 2019-02-24 00:14

"Hot! I feel hot!"

Shelly felt her body burning. She blushed and longed to have sex with someone. But she didn't realize it was Martin's dirty trick. Rather, she thought she drank too much.

Martin looked at her with evil and lustful eyes. He went and locked the door and went back to his seat.

Flourishing Dynasty was an evil's nest. The rooms were all soundproof and servers would not normally come in without the guest's request.

But to be safe, Martin decided to lock the door. There were only three of them in the room. Since Peter had passed out and was still unconscious, he was not a threat. Martin was free to carry out his plan without any worries.

Martin envisioned himself touching Shelly's beautiful body in the presence of Peter. He couldn't wait to strip her naked.

But since he was the one taking the video, he could not display his true nature so quickly. He asked Shelly cunningly,"Are you feeling well, Shelly?"

"I feel so hot," Shelly murmured. Her mind was bleary, and she couldn't help tearing off her clothes.

Martin started to get annoyed. He didn't expect Shelly could fight off her urges this long. He was waiting for her to throw herself at him.

Looking at her attractive body, he almost lost his patience. He decided to tempt her again.

"Are you alright? Let me take you home," Martin said deceitfully. Then he approached Shelly.

Since it was taking Shelly a long time, he decided to make a move. He believed, Shelly would soon give in to his drawing power.

Martin moved closer and closer to Shelly. He held her arm and enticed her some more.

Suddenly, the sleeping Peter sat upright and said,"Now we see your dirty trick! Shelly's right. You're a fake!"

Martin was startled by Peter. He asked confused,"Didn't you get drunk? Why are you still awake?"

After saying these words, he realized his blunder and wanted to take back his words. "Were you just pretending to be drunk?" he asked.

Even though he was not smart, he soon realized Peter was just pretending to be drunk. It was impossible for him to wake up in the nick of time.


let you. If you don't give me your phone, both you and your phone can't go."

Peter was starting to get impatient again.

Even if he allowed him to take his phone and played more tricks, Peter was not afraid. But he was too busy to deal with such a nobody.

Really powerful enemies like Diego, Wolf King and Gregorio were waiting for him. He didn't have extra time to play with a weak opponent.

Martin glared at Peter angrily but finally gave in. He left without his mobile phone. 'Just you wait! You will pay for this!' Martin consoled himself.

Peter took the phone and threw it on the ground. He smashed it with his foot until it broke into pieces.

"So hot! I feel so hot! I can't stand it anymore." Shelly was still intoxicated. She moved her body heatedly.

She fastened her body to Peter passionately and threw her arms around his neck. Her lips were getting closer and closer to Peter's.

Peter drank some wine earlier, and now he was being tempted by such a beauty. He had started to lose control. It was a torture to look at her beautiful face.

"Shelly, stop it!" said Peter. He reached to cover her lips with one hand and tried to calm her with his other hand.

Peter was not a despicable person. He would not take advantage of a girl that was under the influence of drug. Even though he always played jokes on her, he was sincere in not wanting to take advantage of her.

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