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   Chapter 130 An Enamored Guy

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Martin was dismayed and felt a little angry deep inside. However, he controlled his temper.

After all, he was a dignified man, and he was good at concealing emotions. He knew he could not show his true feelings. Or else, he would lose his chance to get Shelly.

"Mr. Huang, I'm sorry we're late. This is my boyfriend, Peter Wang." Shelly walked to the table and introduced Peter.

"Well, your boyfriend? Nice to meet you, Peter." Much as he disliked Peter, he had to shake hands with Peter like a gentleman.

"Nice to meet you, too." Peter smiled as he sat down. He had to behave politely since Shelly was going to discuss business with Martin.

"Peter, I'm so glad you're here. I was thinking, Shelly doesn't like to drink. Now that you're here, I can drink with you instead."

Promptly, the dinner was served. Martin stood up and filled Peter's glass with wine.

Martin knew he could not pursue Shelly on the table. So, he decided to play nice first. He had a plan. He was going to make Peter drunk first and then get Shelly later.

Martin was so good at drinking. He was confident that he could make Peter drunk.

"Seriously?" Peter with his mouth wide open looked a little nervous. "Mr. Huang, I don't drink."

"What are you talking about?" Martin grinned. 'I know you don't drink. You'd better not be good at drinking. Or else, I can't get Shelly!'

Although he felt jubilant deep inside, he did not show his emotions and frowned. "If you don't drink, then Shelly will have to drink with me.

Come on, man! For our partnership and first meeting, let's have a drink." After which, Martin finished off his wine.

Peter frowned and looked really upset. He had no choice but to pick up his glass and finish off his wine as well. After he was finished, he couldn't help but give out a few coughs. Peter looked as if he did't really drink.

"Peter, are you okay?" Shelly

glass with wine.

He was out to deceive her. While Shelly was busy trying to wake up Peter, Martin took out a bag of powder secretly and added it in Shelly's wine.

Shelly couldn't help but look up when she heard him. "Are you serious? One last drink and you will sign the contract?"

The contract was worth five million dollars. She really wanted to get that contract, so she could get a high commission. Besides, it was one last drink. It was no big deal.

Shelly would never have thought Martin would add the powder into her wine. Martin was the top manager of a hospital. She thought he was a good man. And they all drank from the same wine, so Shelly never doubted his suggestion.

"Of course, I'm serious. I give you my word," Martin said sincerely, but deep inside he was rejoicing.

'I will sign the contract and I will also get your body, ' he thought to himself.

Convinced, Shelly drank the wine without hesitation.

Martin looked at Shelly with a dirty smile. He took out his phone and started the recording.

The powder he added into her wine was an aphrodisiac. Shelly would not stand it.

Soon, Shelly would throw herself into his arms. And Martin was not afraid because he planned to record everything as a piece of evidence.

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