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   Chapter 129 Holding Hands

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7429

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"No, thank you. I'm just looking," Shelly said, a bit embarrassed. She could not help herself from appreciating the red 3-Series BMW on display.

Looking at the car, Peter remembered a popular saying: "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle."

He was impressed that Shelly had good taste.

The BMW was well-designed. All its lines were clean and sleek. Anyone would be tempted to purchase such a premium product.

"Let's have a closer look at it," Peter said despite her hesitation.

The car was about a hundred thousand dollars, which was something Peter could afford as he had 20 million dollars with him.

"Oh, no. Thank you so much, but no. I don't need it. I just wanted to take a look," Shelly said nervously. She only intended to accompany Peter in buying a car for Bella. She had no intention of getting one herself.

"Don't worry. I have enough money," Peter assured her. "How much is it?" he asked the salesgirl.

The salesgirl began to give him extensive details about the car as she looked at Shelly with envy.

Hooking up with rich men wasn't easy, nowadays. Even if you found one, convincing him to buy you a luxury car would be even more difficult.

Only a few rich men were like Peter. Not only was he young, he was also very handsome and generous.

'Why am I not as lucky?'

the salesgirl thought as she gazed at Peter.

"Peter, I really don't need it. Even if you buy it for me, I will not be able to afford its use and maintenance," Shelly said.

Despite her gratefulness, she had to refuse Peter's kindness. She was not after his money. He might misunderstand.

"What do you mean? I was not going to buy it for you. I was only planning to lend it to you. Don't think about it too much," Peter replied. Seeing that Shelly would not accept his gift, he decided to change his strategy.

"As part of the Sales Department, you have to keep working, rain or shine. You will also need to take the subway, even in rush hours. A car would make things easier for you. What's more, having a car can improve your image. It can make people more eager to discuss business with you.

If you do not feel comfortable accepting the gift, you can pay me back when you make en

and laughing, they soon arrived at their destination: Flourishing Dynasty.

The place sounded like a KTV, but it was actually a club.

It provided accommodation, entertainment, and other services.

It was not one of the most high-end clubs in Golden City, but it was one of the most well-known ones as it was frequented by overnight millionaires.

Martin Huang was the customer who asked Shelly out. As a senior executive of a private hospital, he was over forty years old. He was worth over tens of millions.

He intended to dine and sing with Shelly, but he also had his own ulterior motives.

Peter and Shelley climbed to the third floor and entered River Embankment box.

This was a private room Martin Huang reserved for his meeting with Shelly.

Martin Huang was already waiting.

He looked gentle and handsome in his formal suit and glasses, but his overall image was dampened by his bulging beer belly and his deep-sunk eyes.

"Shelly, you are here!" Martin Huang said as he stood up with a big smile. He was stunned at her beauty.

He had only seen Shelly in her office uniform. Seeing her dressed more casually, he felt so refreshing.

She looked so youthful and charming but still oozing with finesse. She was truly a beautiful lady! He was now very determined to chase Shelly.

As he indulged in his fantasy, he suddenly became uncomfortable.

He saw a man coming in after Shelly, and they were holding hands.

Apparently, he was with her.

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