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   Chapter 126 Triggering A Fight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7580

Updated: 2019-02-22 00:04

The sight of Wolf King shocked the fearless squad, but they still charged into battle like rabid animals.

This made Wolf King even more hyped for battle.


In a matter of minutes, several squad members met their demise as they were smashed against the door. Blood scattered all over the place.

Wolf King looked invincible!

The expression of the remaining squad members changed.

"Bastards! You will pay for what you did to my men," Wolf King grinned as he continued the blood bath.

Driven by rage, he ravaged.

The men he brought to Golden City were at the top of their ranks. Over half of them were killed yesterday, and eight more were gone today.

How could he not be enraged?

The thought of this made Wolf King very angry.

On that day, he was determined to live up to his name.


In the blink of an eye, he knocked over three more members. The door started to give in to the impact.

The eight remaining members charged, seizing the opportunity to get their hands on Wolf King.

Missing this window would make it difficult to kill him afterward. It was now or never!

But would Wolf King be slain that easily?

Wolf King grinned and tore off his shirt, revealing his muscular body. He towered over the eight men like a mountain and threw himself towards an attack.


In three blows, the three men's heads burst and they fell to the ground, dead.

One of the remaining five men managed to land a blow on Wolf King, but the other four only failed in their efforts.

A wound stung, momentarily distracting Wolf King. Coming to his senses, he pulled his rival's head towards him and hit him hard with his own forehead.


The man's head exploded as if Wolf King's were an iron ball.

The blood sprayed all over Wolf King's face, which made him look even more menacing.

He kicked over one man and got a sword off his hand. Then, he rushed at the remaining four, fierce and bloodthirsty.

The remaining fighters were no match for Wolf King. They were dead in a matter of seconds.

Prairie Pastoral was a bloody mess.

A strong stench of blood and death filled the air.

Wolf King was terrifying with his strength and power.

"Cut their heads off

e used against him.

The iron bar fell on him like a meteor from the sky and hit him squarely on his left shoulder.


Caden fell to the ground, his shoulder bone shattered.


His companions were dumbfounded.

No one expected this random stranger to be so terrible! He knocked Caden down in a few seconds!

Things happened so fast, they were unable to react accordingly right away.

The man was not about to wait for them to come to their senses. In a matter of seconds, the seven fierce men were on the ground, unable to get back up.

"Another eight people, gone. Would Wolf King feel bad, this time?" the stranger muttered. Then, he took out his phone and dialed a number. "Hey, I've done a good deed again. Should I get rewarded this time?" he said to the other person on the line.

"Are you Peter Wang?" Caden watched in astonishment.

The stranger grinned again and shook his index finger. "No, my name is Tim!"

His answer confirmed Caden's suspicions. "You were the one who started all of this and you are the one who is benefiting the most from the situation.

It must be you who have killed Tim and the others yesterday. You were also the one who provoked the fight between us and Diego. Good for you. We all underestimated you,"

Caden said. Despite his anger, he was also afraid.

Peter, a mere director of the Security Department, managed to make a fool out of both Wolf King and Diego, triggering a fight between them.

How was that even possible?

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