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   Chapter 125 Fierce And Aggressive Wolf King

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6954

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"Oh, well." Amaris sighed with resignation as she and Peter went on their way.

They cast long shadows in the moonlight. Indescribable sadness and loneliness emerged in Amaris's eyes.

She felt all alone despite Peter's company.

They proceeded to a five-star hotel and booked a Presidential Suite.

Their purpose for choosing such a hotel was very simple: they wanted to stay in a relatively safer place.

People who could afford such a luxury hotel were usually quite prominent. Even Wolf King would have second thoughts about causing trouble in such a place as it might inconvenience other powerful personalities.

Amaris sat, silent and distraught.

Not in the mood to flirt as well, Peter sat with her in silence.

A few drinks later, they soon fell asleep.

Peter found himself waking up at odd intervals, though. It was somehow difficult for him to sleep peacefully.

He had just fallen into another light sleep when he received a call from Amelia. What she said shook him wide awake.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Amaris asked, also shaken to consciousness because of Peter's reaction.

"Wolf King and Diego began fighting with each other! Stay here and rest. Do not leave this room! I'll go and have a look," Peter told her.

"Be careful," she said as she kissed him lightly on the forehead. "I'll wait for you to come back," she added.

"Okay." Peter nodded. He grabbed his coat and left the hotel immediately.

It was a dark and windy night.

Dressed in black armor, Caden left Prairie Pastoral with eight fierce men and went straight to Purple Leaf Tea House.

The men all carried sharp knives that reflected in the moonlight. They all looked fierce.

Caden carried a white canvas bag which contained some homemade explosives.

He was about to go to a fight that would possibly redefine his future.

If he did a good job, he would finally be able to replace Tim completely and receive training from Wolf King to be the next leader of the Northwest Underworld.

Slacking off was not an option. He would not allow himself to fail

go?" he boomed, frustrated.

Diego was his real target. He would never be satisfied until Diego died.

"No," the seven fierce men all shook their heads.

"Retreat!" Caden ordered decisively. With a wave of his hand, the men withdrew.

The fight was so fierce that it was highly likely to attract the attention of the police soon. He didn't want to repeat Tim's mistake.

As the fight was about to end, Prairie Pastoral was also ransacked by 30 of Diego's loyal subjects.

All of them were trained by Diego himself, which made them highly skilled fighters extremely loyal to him.

They showed no fear of death. They would gladly take it just to protect and serve their superior.

30 blood-thirsty men rushed inside and fought against the fierce men led by Wolf King.

In a few minutes, a dozen of Diego's men managed to kill eight of Wolf King's, at the cost of their lives.

What a tragedy!

"Damn it! Go to hell!" Wolf King cursed furiously.

Fired up by the savagery of Diego's men, the fire inside Wolf King was soon awakened.

With a grim smile, he pulled a nearby door out of its frame and charged at his opponents.

The heavy door plank looked light as a crab stick in Wolf King's hands. He waved it around, seemingly effortlessly.

Just in a few seconds, five men were crushed to death under the weight of the door. It was indeed a tragic encounter.

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