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   Chapter 124 Threats From Wolf King

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5864

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Amaris immediately got the receptionists' attention as she entered Silverland Group.

At first glance, it was already apparent that she was a prominent figure.

The two security guards couldn't believe their eyes.

'What a beautiful woman! She is as beautiful as our boss, Miss Song!'

Amaris smiled sweetly as she walked towards the front desk. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Peter Wang, Director of the Security Department," she said.

Her voice was like music from heaven.

The receptionists and security guards were mesmerized.

Bella was beautiful, but she was not as soft as Amaris.

Finally coming to her senses, one of the receptionists responded,"May I have your name?"

"Amaris Gong," she replied. Suddenly, the hall turned silent.

Everyone in Golden City knew who Amaris Gong was.

She owned Gong Group and was the richest woman in Golden City. Her husband died young, and since then, a large number of men had fallen at her feet because of her breathtaking beauty.

"I am Peter's girlfriend," she added.


Are you kidding me?'

It was apparent that everyone in the hall had the same thought running in their minds.

'Peter is unbelievable!

He has dubious relationships with some beautiful women in the company and is even rumored to have an affair with Bella Song, herself!

He is so lucky! How did he manage to get Amaris Gong? We are so jealous of him!

Wait a minute, did he flirt with her and then dump her? Is that the reason why Amaris is here? Maybe we shouldn't let her see our Director, ' the two security guards thought.

Peter was their boss and they understood the importance of these things.

"I'm really sorry, Ms. Gong, but our Director is out on a business trip. May we know the r

r told Amaris about the accident that happened that afternoon, as he drove.

The news of a big fight between Diego's men and Wolf King's men made Amaris feel both relieved and worried.

Good thing Peter was fine.

A shocking sight greeted them as they arrived at Amaris Manor.

On the door was a large and deep hole with

words written in red, at the sides.

On one side, it said "Three Days" and on the other side, it said "Dead!"

It was terrifying.

Clearly, they were warnings from Wolf King.

As they entered, they found that everything had been destroyed — the house and the garden.

It was a total mess!

The beautiful manor was completely ransacked. No one was here anymore.

"How could he do this? How dare he!" Amaris trembled with anger.

This was her home. Destroying it shook her at the core.

"You can't live here anymore. Let's find another place for you. Don't worry. Wolf King will pay for this,"

Peter promised. This was something that he did not anticipate from Wolf King, as well. Comforting Amaris was the only thing he could do for her right now.

'What a bastard! How could he do this to a woman?' Peter thought.

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