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   Chapter 123 Dog Eats Dog

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"So, those bandits have been defeated. Thanks to me, of course. What do I get? Something shiny, I hope," Peter let out a grin as he walked towards Amelia. Amelia scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Don't be an idiot." Peter laughed at her remark, only to be met with a side-eye glare. Pointing to those fierce men, Amelia asked,"Why were they after you?"

She asked quietly, more so to herself, as she began to really look at Peter. He never failed to surprise her, especially when it came to his physical strength.

Even though he had been ganged up, he was able to swiftly and bravely deal with the bandits by himself. She couldn't fathom it.

He used Tim to lure the bandits ahead of them, and that was when he snuck on them from behind, sliding the rifle strap loose and away from them, before ultimately using the same rifle to strike them on the back of their necks.

'It's not as easy as it sounds, ' Amelia thought to herself, as she tried to imagine how the attack would happen if she were in his place.

It wasn't possible, not in the slightest, to attack in that way without having Peter's brute strength and confidence in his skills.

The greatest thing about his attack was his calculated moves. They were efficient, yet heavy and strong.

Anyone without Peter's skills never would have defeated the fierce men. Anyone who wasn't Peter at this exact moment would have infuriated those men more.

'Just who the hell is this guy?

What's a man of this power doing in a place like Golden City?' she thought to herself.

Peter sprang up beside her, breaking away from her inner monologue. "Madam, you misunderstand. I'm nothing but a passerby," he explained,"I just chanced upon watching those idiots kill someone, so they tried to kill me too.

Some of them were Wolf King's men, and some of them were Diego's. You know Diego, right? He is Golden City's neighborhood Swiper." Peter tried to find the words to explain better. "Listen. I don't hurt people for no reason. You need to understand, I was the one they were attacking!"

Amelia scoffed,"Oh shut up. Don't play dumb with me. I saw you save Amaris the other day.

Such a romantic you are, having the balls to meddle with Wolf King just to please a woman. Is that because you're young and frivolous, or because you're mentally ill?"

Amelia's words struck sharp, and she looked at Peter with disdain.

'For your libido, ' Amelia thought to herself, 'you'd actually be willing enough to risk your life, '

"You really, really misunderstand, madam!" Peter began to defend himself. "What happened yesterday was just a coincidence. I only got involved, really. Amaris hijacked the taxi I was riding

his worries, and he didn't even have to kill him himself.

Tim was dead, and Caden was next in line. The future looked bright.

At the Purple Leaf Tea House

Diego was livid with good reason. He sent for Peter, but he finally received the news that a group of his men had been completely annihilated.

The men he sent were men he knew and trained personally. They were loyal to him, especially in the trying years of the past.

The death of his men brutally destroyed his charging force.

"You'll regret this, Wolf King," Diego grumbled to himself. He was burnt out. "Even if I don't have the men to attack you, I will not allow you to belittle me.

How dare you kill my loyal men? I will get my revenge. Even if I have to risk my life, I'll rip you apart and give my men justice!"

Diego said angrily. He called the rest of his men.

Even if Wolf King was influential and powerful, he wasn't in the northwest region.

Golden City was out of Wolf King's influence, and Diego aimed to take advantage of this. Wolf King's men in Golden City were few, and he knew that he had to be careful to prevent any more losses.

Of course, it was Diego. He never backed out of a challenge.

Peter was oblivious to the fact that Wolf King and Diego were about to have a dog-eat-dog strife. If he knew that, he would surely have danced from excitement.

By the time he had come to the Amaris Manor, Amaris was gone. He was about to take out his mobile phone and call her, but when he checked, his phone was out of power.

Peter struggled to find a charging port. He would have to call Amaris at a later date. Now that Wolf King had launched a fierce attack on him, he was afraid that Amaris might run into trouble.

But he was too late. Amaris had come to Silverland Group.

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