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   Chapter 122 Wiped-Out

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8817

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Peter made a run for his life. He jumped up and down, ran to a street corner and disappeared in an instant.

A dozen strong men ran after him. Outraged, they shouted,"The bastard is going to die today!"

However, before they reached the street corner, to their surprise, Peter was there. He was waiting for them.

The strong men were more than happy to see him again. With clenched fists and locked jaws, they were ready to tear him apart. But before they could do so, Peter proudly said,"Don't bother running after me anymore. The police are here."

Just then, numerous police officers appeared behind him.

The men were caught by surprise when they saw the police officers. Obviously, they did not expect that the reinforcement would arrive so fast at the scene. There was no alarm, and they did not hear any sirens from the police cars.

Suddenly, their thoughts were disrupted. Amelia, head of the police officers, raised a gun and said,"Drop your weapons and get down!"

The group of men was dumbfounded for a moment. But then, their eyes glittered with evil delight.

'We are not cowards! Surrender to the cops? No way!' Besides, they had already killed several people and had gotten their hands dirty. They were not going to surrender now. They realized, they would definitely be executed in jail. There was no way out of this.

"Sir, please leave here as soon as possible! Come on, guys! Kill them all!" one of the men shouted, and hurled his weapon towards Amelia.

Then he rushed at the police officers like crazy.

Emboldened, the other men followed his example. They all charged towards the policemen, and no one was stopping.

'The cops have guns. If we run away, they will shoot at us, we would be killed immediately. Rather than being shot, we'd better keep fighting!

We have been cornered. We don't have a choice but to die or to fight.'

Seeing this, Tim's eyes flashed with anger. Without saying anything, he turned around and left without being noticed.

'The cops would never catch me!'

"Damn it!" Amelia became furious. She tried to dodge the weapon that was hurled at her and fired a shot. "How dare you disrespect the law! Catch them all! If you guys won't cooperate, we would fire again!"


A bullet was fired from the gun and went straight into the chest of one of the gangsters. It killed him instantly. He fell on the ground and bathed in his own blood.

The death of one of the men did not scare the other members of the gang. Instead, it fueled their anger.

"Kill them!"

A deafening roar of anger erupted. The rest of the strong men charged at the police with no

is gun.

With the gun in his hand, Peter aimed at the group of strong men and opened fire at them.

The five strong men were all hit by a bullet in the wrist. They pressed their wounded hands and screamed in pain.

The five hostages took advantage of what was happening. This was their chance to escape.

The struggle between the two forces began.

The police officers were able to restrain the strong men and took back their guns. The policemen prevailed and the situation encountered a sudden change.

"Catch them all!"

Amelia ordered, delighted on the turn of events. She shot each of the six men on their legs to make sure they wouldn't be able to fight back anymore. She then asked the policemen to strike back.

In pain, and to make sure they were restrained, the six men were ordered to lie flat on the ground. Their hands were secured by a handcuff.

The strong men gritted their teeth in anger and stared at Peter furiously.

They could have escaped if Peter hadn't showed up and ruined everything for them.

If it weren't for Peter, they would not have been caught. And even if they were caught, the police wouldn't be able to restrain them so easily.

They were raging mad.

They would never admit defeat.

Unwilling to accept their failure, they looked down on the body that was thrown by Peter. It was the mysterious man in the dark.

Realizing who the body belonged to made them burn in anger.

It turned out that the man they killed was Tim, Wolf King Jr.

Then there was a thud!

The man who fired the three shots and killed Tim became deliriously mad. He fell on the ground unconscious.

The other five men trembled with intense anger.

They suffered a disastrous defeat today.

They were wiped-out.

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