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   Chapter 121 Fight With Tim

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6257

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Amelia felt the situation was serious after she got Peter's call. Without any hesitation, she immediate brought people with her.

In fact, the police had already been notified by someone from the crowd. However, the police didn't show up at once due to the tension.

But Amelia did not hesitate to come since she knew Peter was involved.

"Ah! Don't kill me! Don't kill me!"


Peter saw Tim shoot Angus on his head the moment he hung up the phone.

Blood and brain exploded out of his head. It was gruesome.

By now, the people brought by Angus had all been killed.

Their heads were all blasted, and there was blood all over the floor.

They looked pitiful.

Tim walked to Peter's Hummer with a hammer in his hand. His face looked extremely cruel.

After killing so many people, he didn't mind killing one more. He would not allow anyone to record a piece of evidence.

With the technology available in the area, if Peter recorded the previous scene, he would become a wanted criminal.

"Don't go near me! I am with Diego's group. If you kill me, Diego will not let you go!" Peter seemed to be in a state of panic while yelling at Tim. He started the car right away and tried to run over Tim.

"Diego? Ha! Ha! I have killed so many people. Do you think I would care about killing one more?" Murderous, Tim grinned and quickly walked up to Peter.

Like a tiger, he was ready to pounce on his victim.

Peter did not hesitate to start his Hummer and drove towards Tim.

But Tim reacted really fast. He was able to avoid the Hummer from hitting him.

Then he used the hammer to smash the Hummer's front tire.


With the intense power, the Hummer's tire blasted instantly. The car swayed losing its balance.

Dread filled Peter's eyes. He hurriedly kicked the door open and jumped out of the car.

Now, the Hummer had rolled

as so angry he wanted to vomit. 'Shit! How shameless! It's a dispute between two gangs. How could he call the police?' thought Tim.

He was not aware that Peter did not belong to Diego's group. He did not obey the community rules on fighting.

Tim was not afraid of Peter's powerful fist. He gathered all his strength until he was out of breath.

He had to bear it because he was unable to escape.

Quickly, he tried to hit Peter's head with his right hand.

Peter saw his movement and was able to avoid it.


Peter took a shot at Tim's chest.


Suddenly there was blood, and three ribs on his chest were broken.

Shock showed on Tim's eyes. He did not realize, Peter could be so fierce.

But he was not a normal fighter as well. The shock was momentary; he endured the pain and tried to hit Peter again.

This time stronger!

He was a really strong man.

Peter could not allow himself to get hit. Seeing Tim was about to hit him again, he twisted his body and avoided Tim's fist.

Then he turned around and hit back with his right elbow.


Tim's chest was broken into pieces.

By this time, Tim's companion had decided to run towards Peter.

Peter kicked Tim away and turned around to run.

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