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   Chapter 120 Bloodcurdling Tim

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7973

Updated: 2019-02-19 00:04

"Show me the way now!" Peter never really wanted to go. But he had to change his mind when he saw the tracking cars.

"You made the right choice." Angus sneered at him. He then commanded the others to follow Peter as he watched him get into the car. Peter thought that he wouldn't be able to get away for now as they were guarding him very close.

Sounds of multiple engines suddenly came alive as the cars were started and they pulled out of the area.

Wolf King's men inside the tracking cars were all stunned. They were here to teach Peter a lesson but instead they had to witness this scene.

"Sir, what shall we do? Do we follow them?" the driver asked as he turned around to look at a strong looking figure in the backseat.

This strong man was Tim, one of the best hitmen under Wolf King's leadership. He was so good that he was referred to as the Wolf King Jr., and he was even a better hitman than Caden.

"Follow them? That's too much trouble! Well, it looks like we are going to have a nice fight on our hands! If they obey us, they can live. If not, well, we will have to kill them!" said Tim.

"Yes sir!" the driver answered. Although he remembered Wolf King told them not to kill anyone, he did not dare remind Tim of that! He was such a bloodcurdling guy who killed others if he got irritated. And that would irritate him a lot. So he continued to drive and speed up.

Their car soon overtook Peter's and the others' quickly. Once they did, they blocked the way and stopped their cars.

Tim motioned his men to get move. As they poured out of their cars, the men proceeded to move towards Peter's car angrily.

Angus, seeing this, was aghast and could not believe someone dared to even get near them! He felt his blood boiling.

Diego was the big boss in Golden City! And these people dared to stop their cars? Angus would not have this happen!

"Fuck you! What are you doing here? How dare you stop Diego's car? Have you lost your fucking mind?!" Angus angrily shouted at them while he got out of his car.

His strong men followed him and all stared at Tim with anger glimmering in their eyes.

"Diego?" Tim sneered and cast a scornful glance at Angus. And suddenly, BAM!

A loud sound of skull hitting metal sounded through the streets as Angus' head was slammed onto the hood of a car by Tim.

The car shook violently and Angus' head was cut

o be passed out.

'I can't believe how strong he is!

This guy must be a demon!" Angus thought to himself.

"Take our injured people and get them to safety. The rest, follow me! Finish the job and kill all of them! How dare they injure my men!"

Tim rushed to all the injured enemies left in the battlefield.

He was going to kill all of them!

Those who survived the initial onslaught could not believe what they were seeing! Anger suddenly filled their heart.

Why would he still kill them? They were already down and beaten. They did not expect this! This attack was too much.

But, even with that realization and all the hate in their hearts, they could do nothing. Tim was just too strong.

Soon, all the hate they felt turned into fear.

They feared that they were about to die! And of course, they did not want to die.

At that moment, Tim approached them and started swinging his mighty hammer! It did not matter if they were dead or injured, he continued to hit them! He was not going to let them go.

In a few seconds, the heads of five guys were removed from their bodies!

As they lay on the ground, Tim swung hard on them and smashed them to pieces! Their brains scattered in all directions!

The scene was just so gross and unimaginable.

Peter felt shocked at the scene. So he picked up the phone and called Amelia immediately.

The situation was now out of his control! He did not expect Tim to be so cruel and demented. There were so many dead men that even Cassie would not be able to handle this. He had no choice. He needed to call Amelia.

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