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   Chapter 119 Diego Invites You Over

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7429

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:14

The man was Caden.

In the next moment, Caden dashed towards Amaris' car, peered inside and gave her an insolent smile.

Although Amaris knew that Caden would not be able to see her through the heavy tint, it still sent shivers down her spine, as if he could.

While Amaris sat startled and frightened, Caden raised the iron bar high above his head and smashed the car window with it as he grinned a wide, hideous smile.



The bulletproof glass shattered like a piece of paper. It broke on impact with the iron bar.

Amaris was shocked. She shrank at her seat as she immediately took out her mobile phone and tried to dial Peter's number.


Before she could finish, Caden hit her phone with his iron bar, with impeccable precision.


Her phone was smashed into pieces.

Amaris turned pale.

"You don't have to be scared, Ms. Gong. I am not planning to hurt you. I am only here to deliver a message."

Caden looked at Amaris' body with malicious passion. "Our boss asked me to tell you that he will give you three days to consider. Three days. If after three days you don't do as he says... hum hum..."

He did not have to finish his sentence for Amaris to understand what he was saying. The message was quite clear.

Caden looked at Amaris with fierce desire. Deep down, he wanted to possess her as his own.

If only she were not Wolf King's favorite woman. There was no way that he could touch her.

Eight of Amaris' bodyguards from the other two cars started to approach in an attempt to protect Amaris.

Seeing Caden's face, however, none of them could muster the courage to move forward.

"To you, shitheads: I will give you one day to get out of Golden City. If anyone of you stays, you will die!" Caden said in disdain

before hitting the ground loudly with his iron bar.

The impact made a crater on the ground. Debris flew with the wind.

The bodyguards looked at their six companions, knocked down and vomiting blood.

Without further hesitation, they ran away and disappeared without a trace.

"Bastards! Good-for-nothing! Milksops!" Amaris shook with anger, but there was nothing she could do.

"We shall see each other soon, Ms. Gong. S

do you do that? Guns are assigned to you so you can fight against bad guys and crack down criminals, not to show dominance over innocent civilians like me,"

Peter said as he cowered in fear.

With his dreams of having a candlelight dinner with the policewoman shattered, he sought Amaris for comfort.

Now, only she could give him what he needed right now. As he was on his way, though, Peter found himself being followed.

His eyes narrowed and he began to tense up. He was not sure who they could be

since he recently offended quite a lot of people. It could be Diego, Wolf King, Gregorio, so on and so forth.

Realizing that he could be in danger, he decided that it would be best to get rid of whoever was following him, once and for all and abandoned all thoughts of going to Amaris Manor.

He had only been driving for less than half an hour, but before he could lose the people behind him, several cars appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

Peter was forced to stop his car, feeling a little headache.

'What the hell! Are my foes all coming together?' he thought.

Before he could mull over the idea, the door of the car in front of him opened and a large crowd of people got out of it.

The man at the front looked menacing. His attempts to suppress anger was apparent.

Peter looked up, smiling. He knew the man. It was Angus.

Angus ran to the front door of Peter's car, pulled it open and announced,"Peter, Diego invites you over!"

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