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   Chapter 118 Strong Caden

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5645

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In Amaris Manor

Amaris took a bath after coming from a good rest. She felt relaxed and happy as she lay in the tub.

Somehow, the horrific gunfight made her realize how precious her life was.

Thoughts of Peter filled her as she massaged her legs.

Last night was crazy. He really impressed her.

"Well, it's time to see my man! He saved my life and I need to check on him." She smiled and stood up to put on her clothes.

Ten minutes later, five Benzes drove out of Amaris Manor.

Prairie Pastoral was a buffet restaurant, but it was closed now.

Wolf King enjoyed mutton and wine in the biggest box on the third floor.

His strong and powerful men stood beside him, watching him quietly, as he enjoyed his dinner. No one dared disturb him.

"Have you found out who helped Amaris last night?" Wolf King looked up and asked after he finished eating.

Wolf King was about 190 centimeters tall and weighed about 150 kg. He had a large and muscular build. The sight of him was terrifying.

His bald head and scars made him look even more sinister.

"Sir, the guy who helped Amaris last night is called Peter. He is the Director of the Security Department of Silverland Group in Golden City," one of the men respectfully replied and bowed.

Peter would be shocked if he knew that Wolf King found him in only one night.

He did not even show himself in that gunfight! He made sure he stayed in the cab. How did Wolf King find him so quickly?

"Director of a small Security Department, eh? He killed my men and saved Amaris? That's unbelievable!" Wolf King frowned, dissatisfied.

"Sir, Amaris is highly skilled in kung fu! She saved her own life. Actually. Peter

party according to the laws of the city. If there is trouble, call the police," she instructed.

Amaris calmed herself down. Despite Wolf King's influence, he would not dare go against the police.

She did not believe this to be a random traffic accident.

"Yes, Ms. Gong," the driver said. Suddenly, his expression changed. Just as he was about to deliver the message to the guys in the vehicles ahead, he saw a young man running towards them with an iron bar in his hand.

The bodyguards immediately got out of their cars to rush to him when they saw this.

Although the eight bodyguards looked fierce, they were no match for the young hoodlum.

The young man laughed loudly as he kicked the three bodyguards away.

Too weak!

The young man didn't stop. He beat three more bodyguards down.

He was really strong!

The remaining bodyguards trembled with what they saw. They did not dare move at all.

Fear went all over Amaris. She did not expect Wolf King's men to be so strong.

What made her even more furious was that her bodyguards were so weak! 'Useless! They are all useless!' Amaris cursed.

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