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   Chapter 117 Furious For A Beauty

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7407

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It was said that a strong cause can propel anyone into heroism.

Closely enough, the bodyguards were eager to fight after they heard their boss' offer. What's more, they had no idea who Peter was. He seemed like an ordinary lad.

Driven by the sweet prize, they pounced at Peter fiercely.

They attacked like hungry tigers, coming at Peter from all directions.

Gregorio was a man with a huge fortune. His bodyguards were top-class fighters with years of experience behind them.

With a fearsome battle cry, the first one flexed his arm, ready to hit Peter with all his strength.

Protruding veins swarmed all around his shoulders and biceps. He was clearly a very strong man.

The wind rushed past his fist. He could almost feel the overwhelming destruction that lay before whatever would receive its impact.

10 million dollars was at the edge of his fist, he felt.

"One million, two million, five million to ten million," Peter counted with his fingers. "Gregorio, why do you bother to do this?" Peter said as he reached out to catch the bodyguard's fist. "Give me ten million dollars and I'll hand my life over to you, myself," he finished.


He caught the bodyguard's fist before he even finished his sentence!

The bodyguard was stunned. He could not believe that someone could catch his attack so easily!


As quickly as he could, he swung his leg with all his might, towards Peter's belly.

It was as quick as lightning!

Peter would be severely injured, if not dead once he was hit.

"Bad boy! You want me dead that much?" With cold indifference, Peter wrenched the man's fist enveloped in his palm.


The man watched in horror as Peter twisted his whole arm before him, hearing the bones crack loudly. He screamed in pain, lost all the strength in his body, and fell limp on the ground.

Peter grabbed his collar and

did something beyond all expectation.

He lifted the man up over his head and threw him towards the three other men approaching.

All eager to deliver deadly blows to Peter, the three were greeted with their partner's heavy body.

They reached up simultaneously to try and catch him, but instead, the weight of their colleag

y treasure their so-called dignity more than anything else. Even if I only acted on self-defense, he will not let us go.

What's more, if I didn't take dominance, they would. If that happened, they would surely insult you and Judy. They would treat you like random bar girls. Would you want that?"

Bella fell silent. Even though she knew what Peter said was true, she still thought he had done too much.

"Bella, Peter is right. Don't blame him. He did this all for you.

If a man were to do that for me, I would give him everything, even my life. You are very lucky. In fact, I envy you,"

Judy confessed.

She really admired Peter.

Bella was startled when she noticed Judy's expression. "Don't be fooled, Judy. He is not what he seems. He is a lascivious asshole, a hooligan."

Judy was a good girl, and one of her good friends. She did not want her to be obsessed with her boyfriend.

"Bella, relax. Do you think I'll take him from you? Take it easy. I won't betray you. I like him, sure. But for now, I will keep my feelings to myself. I know my place.

But, if you dump him one day, you should know, I will pursue him. Please don't take it the wrong way!"

Bella was utterly stunned. She was almost sure that Judy was in love with Peter already!

Peter was overjoyed. "Did you mean that, Judy? Pursue me as you want! I'm actually still single. Our relationship isn't confirmed yet!"

Judy was stunned. She could not believe what was happening.

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