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   Chapter 116 A Slap On The Face

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7142

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Allen and the others were shocked and their faces went completely pale when they saw Felix.

They knew they could not do anything right now.

They were all trying to think of an excuse to ask for Felix's forgiveness.

Although Allen was one of the most powerful and richest men in Golden City, he would not dare offend Felix.

He was a nobody compared with him. Felix was from a more powerful family background.

If he angered Felix, Allen would definitely be dead and so did his family.

"This bitch slapped my girlfriend. Then she asked these three bastards to gang up on me. If I were not skilled, I might have been severely beaten."

Gregorio pointed at Bess, Allen and the other two guys.

"Seriously?" Felix was furious. He walked towards Bess and slapped her on the face. "You bitch! How dare you slap Gregorio's girlfriend? Are you insane?"

At once, Bess' face became more swollen and was now badly injured.

After he slapped Bess in the face, he ran towards Allen and gave him a hard kick. "Stupid bastard! Allen, are you insane? You stupid fool! You cannot provoke and anger him! He is Gregorio Lin! Even I would not dare anger him!"

On hearing that, Allen became so scared that he started to tremble.

'Even Felix dare not anger him. How could I do something so stupid?'

Immediately, he realized he was in big trouble!

"Felix, please help me! I was drunk! I did not intend to fight with Gregorio. And I swear I will not do it again! As for Bess, you can do anything you want with that bitch! She brought this trouble to herself."

"Felix, don't be angry, please! We were all drunk, and we had nothing to do with that bitch!"

Allen and his men wanted to cry. They wanted to untangle themselves from this mess and from Bess. They started apologizing to Felix and Gregorio.

Deep inside they hated Bess. They would not have offended Gregorio if it weren't for her.

Bess froze and was shocked by what she heard.

'Fuck friendship and love! They mean nothing against money and power!' Bess told herself.

Felix turned to Gregorio. "Gregorio, that bitch is yours. You can do anything you wan

You went too far!"

He couldn't believe what happened. He started to get really resentful.

His family was really powerful in the capital. He could do anything he wanted in a small city. But now in Golden City, Peter would always mess with his affairs and ruin his plans.

"You're asking me to stop? No, definitely not!" Peter laughed. "Actually, I am going to kick your ass!"

Swiftly, he moved to Gregorio and slapped him on the face.

Gregorio's face changed, and he quickly took a step back.

Maybe he was skilled, but he was no match for Peter.


Peter triumphed! Gregorio felt pain all over his face.


It was really unbelievable!

"Fuck! How dare you slap me in the face!" Gregorio was completely outraged! He never felt so humiliated. "Do that again if you have the balls!"

"Well, as you wish!" Peter slapped him again on the face as he said. "Bella is my girlfriend. How dare you ask her to have a drink with you? I'm going to kick your ass for that!"

Gregorio was overwhelmed for a while. When he came to his senses, he was furious. He turned to his bodyguards and shouted,"Fight him! Kill that bastard! One million dollars for one arm! Two million dollars for one leg! Five million dollars for his balls! I will give ten million fucking dollars to the one who could kill him!"

How crazy!

Gregorio went totally crazy.

He must have lost his mind completely!

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