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   Chapter 115 Arrogant And Domineering

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7426

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"Allen, I was slapped!"

While Peter was cuddling the girls in his arms, Bess suddenly came rushing in. Her face was swollen and there were tears on her cheeks.

Peter looked at her. 'Gosh! That's savage! Who would slap a girl like that?' If not for the clothes she was wearing, Peter would not have recognized her.

For a moment, Peter felt pity for Bess.

Allen was shocked for a while, and then outraged.

"What? Someone dared slap you?

Who slapped you? Tell me! I will go kick his ass!

Damn it! That man would regret slapping our girl! He'll get a taste of my own fist!"

Drunk, the three rich, young men were fuming mad.

They were prominent personalities in Golden City. People treated them with respect. They had power and influence. This was a dishonor to them.

"They are all outside." Pointing outside, Bess wiped away her tears.

The three men stopped talking, got up and rushed outside. Cliff and Barry grabbed the wine bottles on the table.

"Let's go and check it out!" Seeing this, Bella and Judy became troubled. They too got up and followed the three men.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Peter waved and yelled at them. But no one paid any attention to him. Unwillingly, he stood by himself and staggered to get outside.

"Allen, it was this asshole that slapped me!" Walking out of the private room, Bess saw Gregorio and his companions. Bess pointed at Gregorio and screamed deafeningly.

Her eyes were filled with anger and resentment. No one had ever dared to slap her.

"It seems like a few slaps could make you forget easily. You still talk like this." Gregorio's eyes narrowed. He looked at Bess, then at Allen and the other two men. "So, you brought backups and allies?"

He was overbearing, hateful, and arrogant!

He was obviously not threatened by Allen and the other two men.

Allen looked at Gregorio, frowned and steadied himself. Now that he was clear-headed, Allen could see that the man in front of them was not an ordinary person.

"I am Allen Zhang. Who are you?" Being easy and pleasant with people, Allen controlled himself. He tried not to start a fight, but he said his name proudly.

"Allen Zhang?" Gregorio grinned. He looked sarcastic. "Who? Never

ng? Have you forgotten the law?"

While Judy hurriedly walked to the side of the three men, she checked on their injuries. "Allen, Cliff, Barry, are you okay?"

When Gregorio saw Bella, his face lit up in excitement. "Looks like a lucky day for me. I am surrounded by so many beautiful girls!"

He scanned Bella's body with frenzied eyes and then turned to Bess. "Are you with her? You're also her helper?"

"Yes, that's right!" Bella noticed Gregorio's stare and became self-conscious. "She's my friend. Let go of her right now and apologize!"

"Apologize?" Gregorio burst into laughter. "She slapped my girlfriend, provoked me and refused to admit her fault. Now she needed your help. And you want me to apologize?

Sure, I will let her go. But the two of you, go in and have drinks with me." Pointing at Bella and Judy, Gregorio smiled maliciously.

Bella and Judy were both smart and beautiful. Their charm definitely exceeded that of Bess.

With two beautiful preys at hand, Gregorio paid less attention to Bess. Also, Bess had been slapped so hard her face was now swollen and ugly.

"You..." Bella was shaking in anger. Just when she was about to speak, a young man came out from the other room.

"Gregorio, who offended you? Let me handle him!" The man's voice was commanding. He looked arrogant and vicious.

Bella followed the voice, turned around and suddenly became pale.

She knew this man.

Felix Yang, the man from the Provincial Capital.

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