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   Chapter 114 One Humiliation After Another

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7239

Updated: 2019-02-16 00:04

Peter drank the wine again and again as if he didn't know the men's intentions. A few glasses later, he started to look a little bit drunk.

"I can't drink anymore. I swear, I'm drunk," Peter said his speech slurring. He could barely sit up. He put an arm around Judy and rolled himself into Bella's arms. Beautiful women always had a way to cheer him up.

Judy flushed when Peter wrapped her in his arms, not because she was uncomfortable. In fact, she rather enjoyed it.

Bella felt a little angry when she saw Peter sit close to Judy. She wanted to apprehend him but decided against it because he seemed really drunk.

'Bastard, ' she thought.

"Come on, buddy. We're just happy to hang out with you. It's always a good idea to take another swig of wine," one of the guys said.

"That's right. You are doing so well at work and you have a great girlfriend. We should celebrate that!" they encouraged.

"Come on, cheers," said Allen and his friends.

Hiding their jealousy with the big smiles across their faces, they had Peter drink more and more.

It felt unfair seeing him hold two beautiful women in his arms.

Why did these beautiful women like this simple guy?

"Oh, man. I'm not really much of a drinker," Peter said as he shook his head and leaned it on Judy's shoulder.

"Peter, are you okay?" Judy asked as she put her hand behind his head. Then she turned to Allen and said,"He has had enough. He needs to get some sleep."

Bella was infuriated when she saw Peter put his head on her friend's shoulder. Mustering everything she had to control her anger, she then said very calmly,"Peter can't hold his drink. He really should not drink anymore.

We should get going."

"Oh, no, Bella, you shouldn't," Bess interrupted. "I know you are worried, but we are just so happy for you. We want to celebrate that you have such a great boyfriend like him. Is that so wrong?"

she said. Then, she turned to Peter. "Mr. Wang, I know that you are a brave and brilliant man. Surely, you won't give up so easily? Are you a real man?"

Peter stood up abruptly. "Bess, we can get a hotel room and I will show you how much of a real man I

ered going out with you. Arrogant bitches aren't really my type."

Bess covered her face with her hands, stunned. "You bastard! How dare you hit me!" she screamed. "Don't you know who I am? I can destroy you easily! I WILL destroy you easily!"

Bess said, fuming with anger.

In her rage, she charged at Gregorio.

Gregorio stopped her with a hand to her neck and a slapped across her face as he looked at her coldly.

"You made a mistake, throwing away the chance I gave you. Now, you have exhausted my patience," Gregorio said. "You boast of your connections. Okay, call them. I would love to meet your friends. I am curious to see who has more influence than me in the Golden City."

This guy was clearly one of the city's elite.

He was arrogant

and aggressive, too.

Bess felt dizzy and she looked so disheveled. Her beautiful face was swollen and she had red marks across her cheeks.

She finally realized that the man in front of her was very influential.

Talking down on him was a big mistake, especially since he had allies. It would be impossible for her to fight all of them alone.

If she continued to provoke him, he would probably hit her again.

"Wait here. My friends are in this building. I will call them and come back here," Bess said as she ran to the building.

Gregorio followed after her.

Bess' friends did not threaten him. He was confident that no one would dare stand up against him.

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