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   Chapter 113 Do Not Look Down On Someone While He Is Young And Poor

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8520

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Peter always did the things Bella asked of him. Despite his own apprehensions, he stood up and said,"Hi, everyone. It is nice to meet you,"

And he raised a glass of wine.

Everyone looked at him blankly. Only Judy reacted by taking a drink from her own glass of wine.

Did the people look down on Peter?

Were they trying to humiliate him?

Bella's face turned sullen.

She brought Peter here and emphasized that he was her boyfriend. She even filled their glasses to please them.

Even after all the things she did, they still did not care. They did not only humiliate Peter, but also humiliated her.

"Who do you think you are? What makes you think we can be friends?" Bess asked sharply through gritted teeth. "You are only a director promoted by a woman. You want to propose a toast to us? I'm sorry, but you are not qualified," she remarked.

Then, she turned to Bella. "Bella, this is a gathering with our friends. Why did you bring an outsider? Who is this person? Is he even qualified to be part of our circle?"

Bess said as if it were for Bella's own good. "Bella, no matter how much you like him, you are not a good match. You two cannot be together! Marriage is not a game. Think about it,"

she added, ignoring Bella's rising anger. "These things are ordinary snacks for us," she said, pointing at the expensive wines and desserts on the table. "But for him, it is highly unlikely that he gets to even see them in his ordinary life.

Not to mention your houses, cars, luxury clothes, and other spendings. Those are beyond his status. Can he afford those?"

She was relentless and straightforward.

Although Bess' remarks were mean, it did make sense. Their social circle was not very welcoming of other people.

They were raised with luxurious lifestyles, unimaginable to common people. They tackled issues that ordinary people never even heard about. They would never lower themselves to accommodate a poor newcomer.

Even Judy quietly agreed with her.

Bella wanted to say that she was rich enough for both of them and she did not need a rich man, but she decided against it as it might offend Peter.

Instead, she looked at her, sullen and quiet. An awkward silence ensued.

Peter took a piece of dessert, ate it, washed it down with a glass of wine, and stared at Bess.

"Did you just imply that I only got promoted because of a woman? That I am not qualified to be here? That I do not deserve Bella? That I cannot afford this wine or this dessert?"


Peter pounded the table defiantl


Allen was among the most elites in Golden City. She would not dare displease someone of his background and power.

They were all aware that this lunch was set up for Allen and Bella. They only disguised it as a gathering among friends.

Allen fancied Bella long ago but did not take action because of Alfred.

It was not because he feared Alfred, of course. They were both celebrities in Golden City and were both in the same social circle. Instead, it was because stealing a friend's girlfriend would surely ruin his reputation.

"Bella, take your seat," Judy said immediately. Then, she turned to Peter and dragged him towards her,"Peter, may I invite you to sit with me?"

"I would love to," Peter grinned and sat next to Judy.

"Come on, Bella. I'm hungry. Let us at least get something to eat," he told Bella as he also encouraged her to sit.

He was not really afraid of offending the influential people of Golden City in this gathering, but he knew he had to be more careful because of Bella. Keeping a good relationship with them was important to her and the business. Ruining this could mean ruining company's success.

The food was finally served. Everyone conversed warmly as they enjoyed the delicious dishes. The hostility turned to hospitality. At least, so it seemed.

Peter was in the clouds, seated between Judy and Bella. One was elegant and one was enchanting. Sometimes, they touched him slightly as they talked. This was enough to drive him crazy.

He felt like a king surrounded by his concubines.

Still, he could not help but notice that the three young men seemed to make him drink more and more wine. They seemed to be planning something.

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