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   Chapter 111 Wolf King

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"Of course, I don't want that." Peter agreed to her promises and hugged her tightly. "But remember your promise, 30% shares of Gong Group and 72 sex positions with me," said Peter.

"Don't worry, you will be satisfied." Amaris breathed a sigh of relief, full of charm in her voice.

The lean man in front of them could not tolerate their sensual talk anymore. He advised,"Ms. Gong, don't be fooled by him. What power does a toy boy have? How could he compete with Wolf King?

In my opinion, when the time comes, he will be the first to run away. Ms. Gong, think it over!" After watching the two whispered like lovers, the lean man felt heartbroken.

He bit his tongue repeatedly to choke down the urge to scold Peter, but then he failed.

"Shut up!" Amaris sat up straight. She was unusually aggressive and harsh. "Ken Song, who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to lecture me?

Don't forget, you are merely one of my dogs. You should have a better understanding of your role. If you dare say anything about my business again, you will feel sorry."

Ken Song lowered his head in surrender. His face was red in anger. Hatred showed in his eyes.

After an hour, they arrived at the Amaris Manor. This was Amaris' house. She had numerous guards protecting it. It was a safe place for her to stay.

"Amaris, take a rest first. I have to go now. If you have any problem, just call me." Peter waved goodbye at Amaris and left.

Amaris did not ask him to stay. She didn't need him all the time, just during critical times.

Also, she believed that even though Wolf King was an arrogant man, he would not dare attack Amaris Manor openly at daytime.

Just a few steps away from Amaris Manor, Peter was stopped by Ken Song. He stood in front of Peter, hostile and grim. "Bastard! I warn you!" he threatened viciously,"Stay away from Ms. Gong or I will kill you!"

Peter laughed. "Ken Song, Amaris and I are a couple. That makes me your boss. How could you talk to your boss like that? Remember, you are just a dog. Keep that in mind."

Ken Song was outraged! "Shameless bastard! I won't spare you!"

'This bastard has the guts to use Ms. Gong's words to mock me as

be I misheard her." Clair shrugged her shoulders and left. Peter entered Bella's office.

"Miss Song, I'm here. You have heard that Jaden was taken by the police. Right? So, you promised a reward for me."

Peter asked for his reward the moment he entered the room.

He rubbed his hands together like a shy girl. This made Bella more furious.

"Come here." Bella gestured at Peter. He walked closer to her in anticipation.

She stood up and tried to smell Peter discreetly. The result made her more disappointed.

Peter felt his heart beating fast. He knew something was wrong.

Shortly, Bella picked up some hairs from Peter's shirt. She looked as cold as ice. She asked,"So, tell me, who was the bitch you slept with last night?

You're evil! You flirt with the girls in the company! And you even have a mistress outside the company! Who do you think you are?"

With a finger pointing at Peter, Bella admonished him,"Do you know what time it is? What time are you supposed to start working? How shameless of you to ask for a reward!

Now tell me, who was the bitch last night?" While she questioned him, her finger wiped Peter's cheek. There was a red tint on her finger. "Don't deny it. You haven't cleaned and removed her lipstick yet."

'What the fuck! It was Clair's lipstick.'

Peter sighed for his bad fate. He thought Claire did this on purpose. But he did not dare admit it was Clair's lipstick.

How unfortunate and hopeless!

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