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   Chapter 110 Being Involved

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7378

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Half an hour later, Peter climbed in through the window, carrying a bag of clothes. "Hey, these clothes are for you. I worked hard to get them! Put them on quickly and let's get out of here."

Peter threw the bag on the bed and grinned. He looked oddly pleased.

Amaris rummaged through the bag wordlessly and looked at its contents with apparent hesitation.

Inside were a white dress and skin-colored stockings with holes.

"Is this a nurse's uniform?

Where did you get these?" she asked Peter, restraining the urge to throw the garments to his face.

"The clinic across the street," Peter replied pointing outside. "It's good to have clothes on. Now, stop complaining and put them on! If you don't want to take them, you can just give them back. Feel free to walk out naked."

"Alright, you win." Amaris immediately stopped complaining and got dressed.

Peter looked excitedly at her.

Beautiful! She was so beautiful!

She looked very different, dressed in a nurse's uniform — attractive and seductive.

The uniform fit her very well — not too loose, and just the right amount of tightness. It hugged her body comfortably and accentuated her breasts which were incredibly large.

The skin-toned stockings made her slender legs look even more enticing. The holes added an irresistible appeal that would drive any man crazy.

She looked tempting in the uniform.

"Do I look beautiful?" Amaris asked with a shy smile as she turned to face Peter.

"Yes, you do," Peter answered honestly.

"So send me home and you can have a better look at me," she said with a wink.

"Sounds good," Peter replied.

He quickly took Amaris out of the guesthouse. She called someone on her phone and in ten minutes, a Porsche arrived to pick her up.

A lean man got out of the front seat and bowed in front of Amaris. "Shall we go, Ms. Gong?"

Peter's eyes gleamed with desire as he looked at Amaris. She looked more beautiful than usual. It was impossible for any man not to notice.

Paying no notice to the man assisting her, she turned to Peter and said,"Darling, shall we go?"

Then, she took Peter's arm and pulled him into the car.

The man looked at Peter with cold envy. He

help me fight him. I just want you to stand by me at the most crucial moments.

If the time comes that I eventually fall into his clutches, I will accept my fate gracefully. You do not have to avenge me. I just need your support to help me get through this. I am willing to give you some of the company's shares.

The Gong Group is worth nearly ten billion. I can give you thirty percent — that's three billion. That should be a large sum of wealth for you. Until that time comes, you will not only have the money, you will also have me. What do you think?"

Peter did not know what to say. He just met Amaris. He didn't really have feelings for her yet. It was only by chance that he rescued her. He did not need to put his whole life down to be involved in this.

The Wolf King was no ordinary nemesis. He had unparalleled strength and endurance. Alfred had nothing on him.

The only way to deal with him was to kill him. Keeping him alive would lead to endless trouble.

Actually, Peter was sure that he could win against him on a hand-to-hand combat. What Peter was afraid of was if he targeted the people close to him.

Amaris bit her lip, sensing Peter's mental turmoil. She sat closer and held him in her arms.

She exhaled and looked at him enchantingly. "When it's the right time, I will pleasure you with seventy-two sex positions. You can do whatever you want to me. Would you like that? Or would you prefer that I pleasure other men, instead?"

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