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   Chapter 109 Being A Good Man Is Hard

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7657

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After Peter brought Amaris into the guesthouse, he hurriedly placed her on the round bed.

Amaris was so weak. As soon as she was put on the big bed, she let out a groan. She lay there still and looked very fragile. Everytime her wound was touched, she would let out a silent cry that sounded painful.

Her delicate and soft body would twist slightly, and she was sweating and moaning.

Nevertheless, her body language and the expression on her face

were really enticing.

'Oh my gosh! I'm not a playboy. It's not right to tempt me like this.' Peter bit his tongue, as he tried hard not to look at her body. Swiftly, he tore a large sheet and folded it into a strip of cloth.

He could not take Amaris to the hospital because she was hurt by a gunshot. There was no bandage in the hotel room. So Peter had to use the bed sheet to dress her wound.

"Ah! It hurts! It hurts!" Amaris almost lost consciousness because of the pain. Her hands were on her waist. Her provoking mouth was slightly open. And her body was writhing in pain.

Her wound kept on bleeding. Her blood stained the bed sheet red in just a few minutes and it was very alarming.

Seeing this, Peter wasted no time. He tore up Amaris' dress quickly and it left her almost naked.

After saying a quick prayer, Peter carefully took out the silver needle and stitched up her wound. Peter then soaked a towel to clean her wound. He applied some medicine and began to bandage her wound.

Amaris moaned louder because of the pain. Her slender legs kept kicking trying to fight off the pain.

It looked like Peter was raping her and Amaris tried to struggle fiercely.

Peter was desperate. He jumped up and sat on Amaris' thighs to control her and to keep her still. Then, he covered her mouth with one hand so she could not make a noise. He then bandaged her wound with his other hand.

Amaris struggled for a second, but eventually lost consciousness.

Peter took a deep breath before he quickly stitched up her wound.

The next day, just when the sun was up, Amaris woke up.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes. Instantly, she saw Peter lying next to her. She lifted the quilt and looked at herself. Ashamed, she blushed with anger.

She also noticed that her dress was torn and shreds scattered on the floo

ere, don't go out and do not make any noise. I'll go out and get some clothes for you. I'll be right back!" After saying this, Peter put on his clothes quickly. He was about to jump out from the window but Amaris stopped him.

"What? You are going away, after sleeping with me?" Amaris reached out a hand to Peter and said,"You can go out to buy me clothes. But leave your phone here."

Peter felt offended. "Does it look like I am that kind of person?"

He looked at Amaris' eyes, then left his phone to her, and jumped out of the window.

After Peter left, Amaris walked over to the window and noticed that the guard railing was pulled apart by hands. Her eyes sparkled. She was impressed.

'What a strong man! I never expected such a man was hiding in Golden City. Maybe, he could help me.'

Just when Amaris was talking to herself, she heard a mobile phone ringing. It took her a while to realize that it was Peter's mobile phone that was ringing.

She looked at the screen.

Bella Song.

Amaris' eyes narrowed. Her lips smiled knowingly. Without hesitation, she picked up the phone.

"Peter, where are you? Get your ass back to the office in half an hour!" Immediately, there was an angry voice from the other line.

Amaris' eyebrow raised. Her voice turned coy and teasing. "Peter is asleep. I will tell him once he wakes up."

Right after saying this, she hung up the phone.

At the CEO office of Silverland Group, Bella was listening to the sound coming from her phone. Her face was very pale.

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