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   Chapter 108 A Strong Beauty

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6321

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The man grinned and delivered a punch.


Suddenly, a terrifying attack hit him and he was forced to take a step back.

The woman seized the chance. She jumped forward, stretched out her right leg and was about to kick him.

The man's face changed notably. He raised his hand to protect himself. However, the woman kicked his waist strongly instead of his head.

The woman was successfully able to get his gun.

The man's face went pale. 'Son of a bitch!'

It was too late. The woman shot him.

Bang! Bang! Two bullets went straight into his thigh. The man cried out in pain and fell on the ground quickly.

After that, the woman turned to the other men and shot them as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Several bullets went straight to the two guys. The noise tore into the air.

Unfortunately, the two men avoided the shot. They were quick and lay still on the ground.

The woman didn't look disappointed. She ran towards the cab where Peter was as she shot at them.

Peter got a bad feeling when he saw this. He asked the driver to leave right away.

However, he was shocked when he looked at the driver.

He didn't know when it happened, but the driver was unconscious. Foam was coming out of his mouth.

Quickly, the woman opened the door and threw the driver out of the cab. She then quickly got to the driver's seat and started the car to leave.

That was when she saw the foam on the steering wheel and frowned, disgusted with what she saw. Instantly, she ripped down a piece of cloth and wiped it away. Then she started the car hurriedly and turned the car around to leave.

'Wow! What a cool woman!'

Peter could not help but look at her waist while admiring her clever actions.

Her waist was injured. A bullet scraped her skin and left a severe wound. It was bleeding.

The woman ignored Peter and stepped on the gas like crazy. She drove the

tion. "Pretty, you look very tired. Can I help you do that?"

Peter reached inside her clothes as he spoke.

'Wow! How inviting are her boobs! They must feel wonderful!'


The woman took a deep breath and stared at him fiercely. "If you save me, I'm yours!"

She was too weak to say anything else. She knew she was safe, so she let herself fall carelessly on the seat.

Her position was enticing.

Her clothes were torn and exposed her body to Peter. 'How tempting!'

Peter was delighted with what she said. "I heard what you said. Keep your promise!"

He wanted to take advantage of her. Anyway, he was now involved in the accident. Also, she must be rich, and he could be awarded some money.

If she fell in love with him, he would benefit both from her sexy body and wealth. 'That would be better!' Peter told himself.

Peter found a dim corner and got off the cab. He treated her wound warily and then took her into a hotel.

The crime scene had already been blocked by the police. Cassie was there.

She felt cold and dreadful.

She felt a lot of pressure, with the series of big cases that had been happening.

Cassie was greatly shocked when she saw the surveillance video. 'Six Wolves of Northwest? Amaris Gong?'

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