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   Chapter 105 Five Valiant Generals

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"Axel and Carson were killed? Jaden was caught by the police? That bitch, Astrid, was rescued? All five men were beaten up and sent to the hospital?"

Diego asked as he tapped the table with his fingers. He looked very frustrated.

"Shit! You are all useless bastards! The guy must not be Felix. Felix doesn't dare disobey me! Are you fucking kidding me? Do the investigation! Give me details!"

he shouted. "Do not come back until you give me answers! Do everything you can, even if it kills you!" he yelled.

His men exited the room wordlessly and with their heads down. Diego would definitely feed them to the dogs if they messed up.

"Vikas, take your men. Find Astrid and the man who saved her! I want to know who is this bastard and who dares to foil my plans,"

Diego said, addressing a slender man.

"Yes, boss!" the young man answered without hesitation and followed the other men out immediately.

The others didn't dare to speak nor look up like docile cats.

"What the hell are you all doing?" Diego boomed at them. "Do the investigation! NOW!" he yelled. "Fuck off! Fuck off right now!"

All the other men were suddenly jolted into awareness

and came rushing out immediately.

Diego was very moody. When he was in a bad one, he could be extremely ruthless. A large number of people had already met the misfortune and were killed by him.

This made the men very afraid of him.

In a few seconds, Diego sat in the room all by himself.

"Shit!" he cursed as he drank his tea. "Too many things happened today. How will I explain these to Mr. Dreamer?"

His face turned into one of wrath and vengeance. "Nobody dares to challenge me. I will find whoever did this and kill him and his family!


As for Peter, he knew nothing about Diego's plan.

Astrid led their way to a high-end compound.


e helped calm her down.

She looked at Peter and said nothing.

Peter gave her a smile and shouted back at the people outside the door,"Shut up! Who the fuck do you think you are? Astrid is taking a shower! She will get the door after she is finished!"

Vikas stood outside, stunned for a few seconds. Finally coming back to his senses, he started to pound on the door even more violently. "You are not taking a shower! Open the door for us!

I am Vikas Yang, one of Diego's Five Valiant Generals! Open the door now or I will kill you both!"

Vikas said in an attempt to threaten Peter.

Diego's Five Valiant Generals were known all throughout the city because of their power and cruelty.

Killing wasn't new to any of them. They built their reputation on dead bodies.

In Golden City, they were a feared bunch. There were only a few who were not threatened by them. Even the naughtiest children would stop crying if they were told that the Five Valiant Generals were coming.

Vikas was sure that Peter had heard of him.

"Seriously? You are Vikas Yang?" Peter asked. Vikas felt a rush of pride when he sensed the fear in Peter's voice. "Yes, it is me," he replied coldly. "Open the door right now!" he shouted.

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