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   Chapter 104 Diego

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"I never claimed that I was a hero. What more should I do so that I can prove to you that I'm a solid man? Well, you know what? As long as my woman knows it, it's none of your business, get it?"

Peter said with a smirk on his face,"Stop with all your bullshit. Do you guys even want to have a real fight at all? If not, I'll just take my woman back. I'm too busy to gossip with your big mouths."

What the fuck!

The five brawny men were enraged when they heard Peter's words.

They didn't respond to him with words but rather with physical attacks that involved their full strengths.

Peter was practically nothing in front of them, they thought. He was playing with fire when he provoked them and even intended to snatch the woman back from them.

If Peter took Astrid away, it would not only be humiliating but also a failed mission. All these men would be punished by their boss.

"Stubborn bastards!" Peter stopped taunting and grinned, followed by rushing towards them like the wind.

"Are you asking for a face-to-face fight? Here we go," said Peter with a smile. He was already standing in front of one of the brawny men, as swift as lightening, swinging his right fist against him.

"You're asking for it!" It was way beyond the man's expectations that Peter would choose to confront him first. He was filled with excitement and thrill, ready to fight back without any hesitation.

He might not be as cunning as Peter in playing cheap tricks, but he was confident enough that he'd beat him during a face-to-face confrontation.

Looking at Peter's slim and weak limbs, he was sure he'd strike a deadly blow in the first punch itself.

"Bang!" A violent sound was produced when their fists bumped into each other. The remaining four men and Astrid couldn't believe their eyes. The brawny man's sturdy arm cracked inch by inch.

Bones were sticking out from his skin, dripping blood all over the floor.

Horrible! Aggressive! Awe!


The man shrilled in great pain, sending chills down the spine of every person who heard it.

The other four brawny men had grim expressions on seeing this and they began to be more cautious.

They realized that Peter was not only a person who used tricks to deafet others, but was also a very strong fighter.

After putting down one of them in a single second, Peter clapped his hands and looked towards the rest four. "Were you asking for a fight with me? Come on! This is your chance. You can all come together!"

This was provocation. Blatant provocation!

"Go on!"

"Kill him!"

"Kill him

d he become Felix now? Is Peter his nickname?'

Poor man! Though he had a really strong body, he lacked intelligence.

"Miss Liu, I literally risked my life to save yours. So, how are you going to return my favor?" Peter asked Astrid as soon as they left the hotel.

Astrid was a smart girl and she knew what Peter wanted. So she immediately got to the point. "I have Jaden's evidence of crime. I won't let you down."

"It makes me happy when I get to negotiate deals with people as smart as you. Now, let's go get the evidence.


Purple Leaf Tea House

was a very famous tea house in the Golden City. Its customers were usually bigwigs, because ordinary people were neither qualified to get in nor were rich enough to afford the place.

Though it was assumed to be only a tea house, it in fact served as an underground market for prostitution, gambling and drugs.

It was not a very well hidden secret, and a few people even reported it to the police. But alas! the Purple Leaf Tea House was still in operation and kept growing bigger by the day.

It was needless to say that this tea house had a very strong background.

The top floor of Purple Leaf Tea House was forbidden and was not open to its customers as it was exclusive to its owner.

At that moment, a man in his 40s, with handlebar moustaches, sat on the largest sofa of a VIP room at the top floor of the Purple Leaf Tea House, with a sulky look.

All the people in the room except him were standing nervously and gingerly, with their heads lowered, too frightened to move a muscle.

This handlebar mustache, middle-aged man was Diego, who was the boss of Purple Leaf Tea House and omnipotent underground emperor of Golden City.

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