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   Chapter 101 One Million Dollars At A Time

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7124

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"Why the hell did you hit us?

You are so conceited! Is this how Silverland Group treat their customers?

You're a mobster! I'll call the police!" one man shouted and threatened to report Silverland Group.

Cameras were clicking on the background.

All at once, noises erupted from the office. The young men took pictures with their mobile phones and they were celebrating among themselves.

Andy and the other security guards just stood there watching. They felt scared not knowing what this would cost them.

If they called the police, news media would soon found out. The reputation of Silverland Group was at stake, and they couldn't just stand there and do nothing.

They didn't want to lose their jobs because of this senseless commotion.

"I hit you? Did anyone see that? You said you were customers? Do you think people will believe that? And we are mobsters? You are out of your mind!" Peter laughed at them and said," Andy, call the police! Now!"

Everyone in the room froze.

The young men were puzzled. 'What the hell is he up to this time?' they thought.

Andy was confused too, unsure if he would obey or not.

'Call the police? We can't have the police here!' he thought to himself.

"Andy, what are you doing? I said, call the police!"

Peter glared at him, wondering why Andy hadn't moved a muscle. He then turned his attention to the young men and said," You want to call the police? Let me help you!

Miss Song and I were here to talk business with you. But clearly, you are here to cause trouble. Look at what you've done? Hitting me and destroying my phone. No doubt, you planned all of these! Then you must suffer the consequences! Do you understand?"

Peter was fuming mad and shouted," Look what you did to my phone! Is that how you do business? You were obviously provoking us!"

"That's bullshit! How could Zac hit you and break your phone? He's not that kind of guy.

You must have hit him first and he just fought you back! We will expose you and let the public know how Silverland Group employees treat their customers,"

one of the young men argued with Peter.

"I k

den could go this far and risk the company's reputation.

"It's him again!" Cassie said disgusted with what she heard. "Curtis and Brad, you two follow me. I'm going to find Jaden Zhang. And bring these young men to the police station."

The young men were all escorted out of the building to a police car waiting outside.

Cassie didn't bother speaking to Peter. She wanted to find Jaden as soon as possible.

Ten minutes later

In the CEO's office

Peter was restless in his seat. He saw Bella's delicate long legs and said," Miss Song, I cleared up this mess with your company. I think I should be rewarded.

This job placed my life in great danger. Jaden spent one million just to cause trouble. That's unthinkable!

Good thing, we discovered it in time. But what if he decides to spend another million to have me killed? What can I do?"

Bella always wore a black suit.

She had long and coiffed hair as well as well-polished nails. She was exquisitely beautiful and elegant, distant and regal in her ways. The color of her lipstick made her more attractive. Her smile could melt your heart.

She was sitting on the sofa with legs slightly open. A slight gap, but enough to fill Peter's head with indecent thoughts.

Tired, she took off her shoes and showed her small dainty feet.

Peter swallowed and pretended that he fell on the floor and conveniently looked at the gap on Bella's skirt.

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