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   Chapter 100 The Deliberate Security Director

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8408

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"Hey! So you have backups? Are you here to hurt us?"

"Listen carefully. We came here to talk business. If you dare touch us, I will make sure everyone will get to watch it on the Internet. I have people ready to record everything."

"We will also call the police and accuse you of beating your customers. I will make sure it will totally destroy the image of Silverland Group."

Seeing Peter and Bella coming, a few young guys stood up, laughing with a mocking expression on their faces. There were also some young men standing behind them. Holding their mobile phones in their hands, they aimed the cameras at Peter and Bella. They looked rowdy and could start a fight anytime.

When Bella saw their arrogant manner, she started to look intense. Her beautiful face became clouded with anger.

Well aware that they could land on the Internet, she did not dare cause fighting with these men. If it went viral, Silverland Group would be in great trouble.

There was nothing she could do. She felt so mad and helpless.

When Bella was paralyzed and unable to do anything, Peter suddenly jumped out, smiling.

"Hello, dear gentlemen! Who said anything about fighting? We have great respect for our customers, and Silverland Group is a corporation with very high standards in dealing with its customers. Why would we beat our dear valued customers?"

Peter's sudden move surprised the guys and made them nervous. They prepared themselves, and they all knew Peter could be rough and violent.

Those men responsible for taking videos raised their phones higher. They wanted to make sure that they could capture every bit of Peter's actions.

"I would like to introduce Miss Song to you. She is the company president." Peter introduced Bella,"Miss Song informed us that you were our very important customers and we should acknowledge that.

You are here to talk business, right? Well, to show our courtesy and respect, Miss Song would like to speak with you in private. Why don't we go inside and have a more private conversation?"

Peter made sure they would not refuse and immediately opened a door to an office. He then signaled them to follow him.

The young men were shocked for a while. Then they looked at each other knowingly. "Of course!"

Knowing that they had the advantage of numbers, they felt safe. They also had their mobile phones ready. So they were not afraid of Peter's tricks.

Several young men walked into the office first. The rest stood up, wondering what Peter was going

k, but the man was heard screaming in pain. He was crying like a little boy!

It was made of solid glass.

The pain was unbearable.

'You bastard! I did not break your phone. Why did you hit me with that ashtray?'

The other five men finally came to their senses. They were raging like mad!

But before they started to talk, Peter had already taken actions.

"Do you dare to beat me? All of you? And you have the guts to create trouble in our company? Do you think I was promoted to Security Director for nothing? I will give you what you came here for!"

Peter yelled and approached the five men. He hit them with his fist and kicked them hard with his leg.

He kicked them in the face and in places you could not imagine.

The five young men were all knocked down on the floor, unable to hit back at Peter. They groaned in pain.

They were young and inexperienced, and they could not beat Peter for sure. They were unable to return a single blow to him.

Bella watched calmly from the beginning until the end. Her face was expressionless but she was impressed with how Peter handled and ended the situation.

She was amazed at how Peter manipulated the situation, how he confused them and how he came up with the idea of calling up the police to trigger panic on these young men.

Disarming several opponents all by himself, he transformed from a calm businessman to a valiant fighter.

He was so calm and so deliberate.

Peter's bravery and agility impressed her to no end.

"What's going on?"

The commotion inside the office caught the attention of the men outside.

The door was suddenly kicked open and several young men rushed inside.

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