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   Chapter 99 Brazen Practice

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6224

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"Peter, why are you here?" Elaine's face flushed. She was so shy that she wanted to run away.

'Oh my god! Why did I say that? He heard what I said. It's so embarrassing!'

"Elaine, I'm here now. Stop blaming me for not visiting you." He looked at her with a smile and walked towards the sofa.

However, Elaine stopped him without daring to look him in the eye. "Get out. I need to work now."

"Oh my god!" Peter bit his teeth and cried out,"My foot! That's too painful! Didn't you offer to apply medicine on my foot?"

"Apply medicine to your foot?" Elaine felt even more embarrassed. "No, I didn't say that. Get out!"

Elaine tried to push him out of the office, but suddenly, she stepped on Peter's foot again — unintentionally, this time.

"Ahh! My foot!" Peter jumped up and shouted,"Elaine, what did you do? My foot must be badly damaged now! It's so painful!"

Now, Elaine was worried. He looked really terrible as if he were in pain. "Are you okay? Wait a minute! Let me get the medicine!"

She rushed to her desk and returned with the medicine. "Here you are!"

Peter took the medicine and then took off his shoe.

Elaine hesitated to look.

She thought it shouldn't really be a big deal. At that moment, she realized that she was alone with him and started to feel very awkward. After all, she did have special feelings for him.

The air was full of ambiguity.

Elaine got shocked when she finally saw Peter's foot.

It looked terrible! It was very swollen!

"Oh my god! That looks serious! I'm sorry! Here, I'll help you apply the medicine!"

She felt so guilty. Taking the medicine, she rubbed it gently and generously on his foot.

Peter's heart was filled with warmth as he watched her go at it with gentleness and concern, especially as she asked him how he felt every once in a while.

She really was a kind woman

at the rascals only came two days after he was reinstated. Surely, he was their target.

'Jaden just can't give up, can he? Bastard!'

The Sales Department was on the eighth floor.

The whole floor was full of people when they arrived.

All of them were in their twenties or thirties. Some of them sat on the ground and some stood against the wall, either smoking or eating sunflower seeds.

Andy had about twenty security guards with him. They stared at the rascals angrily but it seemed that there was nothing they could do.

Bella looked at them coldly and was filled with rage. Even Peter was irritated.

'Fuck you, Jaden! How dare you do this? I am your target, not the company!'

He would obviously do anything to kick Peter out. If Peter were fired, it would be much easier for him to dominate the company!

"Miss Song," Andy greeted Bella with respect and then looked at Peter. "Mr. Wang, those rascals are refusing to leave. What do we do?"

They were in a tricky situation. They couldn't just throw them out since they said they were here for business! He couldn't call the police either! After all, they didn't really do anything wrong. If they continued to stay here, the employees couldn't continue working!

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