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   Chapter 98 You Are So Heartless

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7561

Updated: 2019-02-08 00:04

Three knives struck, quick as lightning!

Peter was trapped in a corner with no more room to escape!

Just as Peter was about to meet his peril, something happened that turned the tables.


A sound that sliced through the air echoed in the room. Axel's knife suddenly stopped mid-air as he was about to strike it down, and the steel blade dropped on the floor.

Axel's body suddenly became rigid and motionless.

His eyes were full of fear, as if he just saw a ghost.

Carson, from a distance, was stunned, unaware of what was happening.

Cassie was also dumbfounded, not really sure about what was going on.

She gawked at Peter and then at Axel, but found out nothing.

Axel didn't look injured so nobody could understand what stopped him.

Was there a trap?

Cassie watched in horror.

Just as she was trying to figure out what caused the interruption, a sound of ripping filled the room

and blood started to spurt from Axel's throat.

It was like a fountain! It spewed out to a few meters, and then, with a thump, Axel fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

The look of terror was never wiped off his face.

"Killing without a knife, cutting a man's throat and leaving no trace! Is the man...?"

Carson's face turned pale. Without hesitation, he snapped his own neck and killed himself.

Cassie rushed to Carson but was too late.

She didn't expect things to happen this way. In just a few minutes, both Axel and Carson were dead.

The rich young man that stood watching was now unconscious after peeing his own pants and fainting.

He just witnessed death!

This wasn't something a spoiled, young boy normally could see. How could he take it?

"Who... who on earth are you?" Cassie muttered, looking at Peter.

She handled criminal cases for a living, and she was certainly not a fool. 'Is Peter who he says he is?'

However, seeing the look of shock and horror reflected on his face somehow kept her from pushing forward with her questions.

"They're... dead... They're dead! How can a perfectly healthy man die in seconds?" Peter jumped up pointing at Axel, looking terrified.

"Oh God, I was scared to death! I really thought I was about to die! Cassie, thank you, thank you for saving me and

big man, I can take it." Peter shook his head and refused adamantly.

'Are you kidding me? If I go to your office, I'll get busted! My shoulders are neither scraped nor bruised!'

When Elaine heard this, she immediately realized that something was wrong. She bit her lower lip, raised her foot and stomped hard on Peter's.

"Ouch!" Peter sprang to his feet in pain and almost burst into tears.

This time, he was no longer pretending. That was one painful stomp! Plus, she had heels on! God, those things were weapons!

"Elaine, why did you do that? You're so heartless!" Peter said, grimacing with pain, quickly keeping his distance.

"I have to be heartless to deal with people like you!" Elaine replied angrily.

Click! The elevator doors opened upon reaching the tenth floor. Elaine glared at Peter before raising her head and walking out, her heels ticking against the floor with every step and leaving a trail of fragrant wind behind her.

She soon made her way back to the HR Department. "Take advantage of me again, I'll stomp on you harder!"

she said in distress.

"That guy doesn't know how to be grateful. No calls, no visits. If I knew he were such a person, I never would have helped him get a job!" she mumbled to herself.

As she was about to take her seat, she heard a sound from behind her and immediately felt embarrassed.

"Why are you whining like a brat, Elaine? I'm here to see you now."

Peter opened the door smiling maliciously as he slipped in her office.

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