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   Chapter 96 Flirting With A Rich Young Man

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7571

Updated: 2019-02-07 00:05

"I know where they are, but I must go with you!" Cassie said, standing up quickly.

"Okay," Peter agreed. He knew he couldn't refuse her. Else, she wouldn't disclose Axel and Carson's location.

Besides, he was confident that he would be able to keep Cassie safe when they encountered the two criminals.

Cassie changed into her civilian clothes quickly and left the police station with Peter.

She was in a red t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She didn't look like a cop at all.

Her big breasts and long legs couldn't help but catch Peter's attention. As usual, he had to force himself to look away so he could focus on the task at hand.

'Holy crap! She is hot!' thought Peter.

"Let's go," Cassie said, hiding her pleasure from seeing the look on Peter's face.

She never cared about her looks before. It always took her only a short while to get dressed. After being mocked by Peter, things changed. She took extra time to fix herself up now whenever she'd go somewhere public.

Cassie was a smart woman and she knew very well how to amplify her beauty when she wanted to.

In Flourishing Villa District

Upscale villas lined the streets in this area of the Golden City. Rich and powerful people lived here, including Jaden, who did not only have one villa, but two. He got one for himself, and another for Axel and Carson now.

This enabled the two to really inject themselves in high society.

A fancy Maserati stopped beside Peter and Cassie as they were walking down the village.

The window opened.

"Hello, pretty lady! Do you live here? How about going for a ride with me?" The man was in his twenties and he had a thick air of confidence.

He scanned Cassie with his eyes and paid no attention to Peter, who moved away quietly and immediately.

He was determined to keep a low profile. Besides, Cassie wasn't his girlfriend. He should keep himself out of trouble.

Cassie, on the other hand, felt annoyed. She glanced at Peter, hoping that he would tell the guy off.

Realizing otherwise, she felt furious.

'What a bastard! Someone is flirting with me. What are you doing? What kind of man are you? Aren't you gonna help me?'

Controlling her nerves, she switched into a soft shy tone. "I would love to, but unfortuna

e you flirt with my girlfriend! You wanna take a ride with her, huh? I'm gonna beat you up!" Peter threw him one punch after another.

A large crowd gathered around them.

Instead of feeling sorry for the young man, they applauded Peter.

"Good for you! Beat the scumbag up!"

"Fuck you! You can't flirt with his girlfriend just because you're rich! Kick his ass!"

"What an asshole! How dare you try to kidnap his girlfriend? Shame on you, you bitch!"

They all took Peter's side.

The young man wanted to faint. He felt so wronged!

'I admit that I've had sex with several women, some of them with boyfriends, but I didn't even get to touch that chick's clothes today! This is wrong! He can't do this to me! I don't deserve this!'

"You flirted with my girlfriend and you attacked me, so you need to compensate me," Peter said after he finished.

"The CCTV can show that you started it. If you don't compensate for the damages, I will call the police and sue you for intentional injury and attempted kidnapping!"

'What the fuck!'

The young man was speechless.

'Son of a bitch! You beat me up and then you're gonna ask me for money and even threaten to sue me? What a bully!'

Despite his anger, he knew that the evidence was not in his favor. So he gritted his teeth and replied,"I didn't bring any money with me. Let's go to my house so I can compensate you."

The young man said calmly as he thought of a plan. 'Fuck! I'm gonna kill you the moment you step into my house!'

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