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   Chapter 94 A Slap On The Face

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7317

Updated: 2019-02-06 00:04

'Who the fuck dares to kick my office door on the first official day of my duty? Does he want to die?' Peter thought, pissed.




Before he could speak, a thin young man with glasses stood at the door of the office as he kept taking pictures with his camera.

Lisa blushed and quickly stood up, turning her back towards him.


How embarrassing! And someone got pictures of it! If the pictures got out, I surely wouldn't have a face to show. What am I to do?'

Lisa felt so embarrassed at the thought that she wanted to cry.

After snapping more photos, the young man took a small microphone and walked to Peter.

"Mr. Wang, I'm a journalist from Vivid News of Golden City. May I know your comment about sexually harassing your female secretary during working hours?"

This infuriated Peter.

'First, you kicked open the door of my office, then you snapped photos without asking permission. How rude can you get? Now, instead of walking away, you dared ask me such a question? Do you want to die?'

"With which eye did you see me sexually harass my secretary? Did I do anything of the sort? Miss Ye slipped and fell accidentally in my arms. Didn't you see that?

Also, who the fuck are you?" Peter exclaimed pointing an angry finger at him. "Journalist? Since when did journalists have the right to break into my office and snap pictures without permission?

I tell you, you are trespassing, and illegally invading my personal privacy! I'm actually suspecting that you came here to steal confidential information from the company!"

Peter shouted angrily, grabbing the camera from the man's hands and dropping it on the ground, then stamped it with his foot until it was crushed into pieces!

The man was stunned. He had never encountered such an arrogant senior manager before.

In his past experience, the managers would do their best to bribe him into not exposing the footage.

Peter's reaction was so different that he caught the reporter by surprise.

Finally getting a hold of himself, the reporter shouted,"You're nothing but a dirty hooligan! I will surely expose you, your sexual harassment and your affair. Everyone

number on his phone.

Mr. Dreamer had assigned Axel Li and Carson Li to help Jaden. It was also with their help that Jaden was able to acquire 49% of the shares of Silverland Group in such a short period of time.

Jaden left the office briefly after the call.

Half an hour later, two men sat across Jaden in a cafe.

They were Axel Li and Carson Li.

"Misters, the Security Department is very important to me and you have to find a way for me to regain that. Moreover, Peter Wang, the new director of the department, is Bella Song's only confidant. Getting rid of him would be a big blow to her,"

Jaden explained. "But Peter is shameless and doesn't hesitate in using violence. Plus, his strength is unparalleled. I can't seem to find a way to get rid of him physically, or even in the company. This is why I need your help."

Axel Li frowned. 'Jaden seems like a wimp, ' he thought. 'A vice president can not even deal with a director of the Security Department? How useless can he be?'

If it weren't against his direct orders, he would have already walked out instead of wasting time with this loser.

Carson Li was more flawless at concealing emotion. His face was blank and unfazed.

"Okay, Mr. Zhang, we will help you. But first, tell us, what do you want us to do? Do you want us to get him out of the company? Or do you want us to exterminate him completely?"

Carson Li asked casually. Murder was all in a day's work for him.

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