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   Chapter 93 Call Me Mr. Wang

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8199

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:14

"I want to be your girlfriend!" Minnie waved her hands and told Peter without hesitation,"You were so marvelous today. I've fallen in love with you!"

Peter was so surprised with what Minnie said. He stepped back as if wanting to move away from her. "No, please! You must be joking!"


Minnie was offended. She pouted her lips and asked Peter,"What do you mean? You don't think I deserve you?"

Peter's statement made her mad and confused.

She proudly declared,"I am attractive, gorgeous and elegant. How can you refuse me? That's unacceptable!"

"It's not because you don't deserve me, but because I don't deserve you." Peter reasoned with her. "You are not that hot actually, lacking some volume here and there. But yes, you do have a beautiful face. You are young and attractive in general.

As for me, I don't deny I am good-looking, but I am a complete loser. I do not have money, power or prominence. I do not deserve someone like you."

"You are..." Feeling insulted with what she heard, Minnie almost lost her composure. 'Did he just mean I was flat chested and I didn't look inviting? How arrogant of him to say he's handsome! Big-headed guy!'

"I don't mind. I still want to be your girlfriend. You can't refuse me." Trying to look offended, Minnie insisted daringly.

"Do you want me to accuse you of misconduct in your company? That you abused me, a young beautiful girl. Or I can destroy your reputation. I will have two young girls claim that they are pregnant with your children!

Not only in your company but also to your family. The scandal will destroy your reputation! I don't have work. I have all the time to create a mess in your life. Let's see if people will find you trustworthy or me!"

"What?" Peter was completely surprised. "Are you serious? You will try to get even because I refuse to be your boyfriend? Do not be heartless!"

"Trust me, I mean what I said." Minnie answered confidently,"I have countless admirers but I don't pay attention to any of them. Now that I am asking to be your girlfriend, you dare to refuse me? It's unacceptable!"

Peter was frantic. He didn't know how else to reason with her. "We are not cut out for each other. Our age, family, or status. Even if I agree, do you think your parents will agree?"

"My parents have nothing to do with this. Even if they do not agree, I will choose you!" Minnie was indignant. "I can refuse you but you cannot refuse me!"

l affairs. You need to be open-minded. The more you open yourself to new ideas, the more you open yourself to opportunities. Remember that. It's a secret rule."

With a straight face and serious tone of voice, Peter tried to convince Lisa of his secret rule.

Lisa felt her tears coming.

'How immoral! Good thing he is just a director. I cannot imagine if he were the president of Silverland Group. Female staff would be violated!'

Lisa felt upset thinking about Peter's behavior. She felt helpless, knowing in her heart she loved Peter. In the end, she decided to obey Peter. She walked over to Peter and placed her hands on his shoulder.

'Peter, you are disgusting! dreadful! Massage you said? Okay, I will give you the best massage!' Lisa grumbled in her mind, putting too much pressure on Peter's shoulder.

However, Peter still complained,"Lisa, I can't feel anything on my shoulder. Haven't you eaten anything in weeks? I am asking you to massage, not scratch my shoulder."

"Fine! Massage it yourself!" Lisa was hurt. She gave him a scratch and started to leave, embarrassed.

"Lisa! Do not get mad at me. I'm really sorry!" Peter stopped playing his game on Lisa. He realized Lisa was really upset and was serious about leaving. He pulled her to him in panic.


Swiftly, Lisa was on his lap.

"Ouch!" Lisa yelled in surprise. She felt her face burning with embarrassment, unsure if she wanted this or not.

With Lisa in his arms, Peter wrestled with his feelings.

He was about to apologize and patch things up with Lisa.

A loud bang was heard! The office door was violently kicked open.

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