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   Chapter 92 I Will Beat You Up If You Are Not Convinced

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6785

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:05

Angus trembled with anger. 'Son of a bitch! Are you blackmailing me? Who do you think you are?'

"I tore down your apartment and there is no way that I am going to pay you for what I did. You can't make me!"

Angus was the boss here. He would never surrender to Peter. He was determined to kick him to death.

"You're not going to compensate for the damages?" Peter stared at him. "Well, this is not gonna work."

"Yeah, you got it. I will never compensate you!" Angus laughed.

"Okay. I tried to do it the easy way but it looks like that won't solve the problem. I guess I'll just have to play dirty, then. Because of what you did to my apartment, watch me now as I'll tear down your bar,"

Peter said angrily before proceeding to kick the speaker beside him. Then, he rushed over to the receptionist's table with a steel pipe.

"Stop him! Stop this guy and teach him a lesson!" Angus commanded as soon as Peter got off the stage.

His men were fuming with murderous anger. At their boss' command, they launched at Peter like beasts eager for prey.

The customers screamed and ran away. The whole pub was in chaos.

With remarkable speed, Peter threw himself at the receptionist's table and swung the steel pipe, destroying the expensive furniture as the receptionist watched in horror.

"Don't be scared, darling. I will not hurt you."

Despite Peter's assurance, the receptionist froze in fear, overwhelmed with being so near the source of the chaos.

Angus quivered with anger at the sight of his precious table being destroyed. Grabbing the nearest chair he could, he joined his men chasing Peter.

None of them could catch up, though. They were all too slow.

Peter was as fast as an ape. He effortlessly deflected their attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang! It wasn't until only a few minutes later that the club was completely destroyed.

Angus and his men gasped for breath after chasing after him tirelessly for almost twenty minutes.

Still, they weren't able to get Peter. He was too strong for th

ace would have really been destroyed!'

"Really?" Peter asked, doubting his sincerity.

"Yes!" Angus trembled and knelt. "I'm very convinced!"

"Okay, good. Now I have a question for you: Why did you destroy my apartment?" Peter asked him blankly.

"I was just following orders! Felix Yang, that bastard, asked me to do it!" Angus answered without hesitation.

"Felix? Is he your boss? Why did you follow his orders?"

"Man, I'm sorry! I should not have followed his orders. It's my fault! I will never do that to you again!"

Despite his hate for Peter, he needed his mercy.

"Where is he?" Peter asked.

"He went back to the provincial capital today," he eagerly replied.


Peter slapped on his face again. "Son of a bitch! Why didn't you tell me this before?"

'You didn't really ask me, did you?'

he thought, not daring to say it out loud.

"Fuck! How dare he run away!" Peter exclaimed. "Angus, do not annoy me anymore. The next time you do, I'll beat you up. Minnie, let's go,"

he said, waving at Minnie to come over.

Some guards tried to stop Peter on his way out, but Peter returned the favor by giving them broken hands or legs.

As they walked out of the club, Minnie quickly hopped and took Peter by the hand. "Peter, I've made a decision."

"What decision?" Peter frowned. 'This can't be good.'

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