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   Chapter 91 Anyone Else

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6636

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"You bastard! Get off the stage! Let me teach you a lesson that you will never forget!"

shouted a bald man in over-sized pants. He had a big tattoo on his right arm and wore a gold necklace. Soon, a large number of bald guys followed and shouted at Peter.

They looked horrifying. No one would dare go near these mean looking people.

"Are you Angus Piao?" asked Peter with a microphone as he stared at the bald man.

"How dare you call his name! Son of a bitch! You want to die? Get off the stage right now or I will get you off there by myself!"

The bald man was furious! He stared angrily at Peter as if he could swallow him whole at that moment.

"Don't talk to me if you are not Angus Piao! Don't threaten me! I am not afraid of you!" Peter was determined and didn't get off the stage.

"Son of a bitch!" The bald man laughed loudly and got on the stage quickly.

"Fuck you! You asked for it! You love getting yourself into trouble!" He cursed Peter and was about to hit him on the face.

"What are you doing? Who said anything about fighting?" Peter panicked. "I am here to talk, not to fight!"

"Talk? Talk what? Let our fists do the talking!" the bald man yelled, ignoring what Peter said. He wanted to destroy Peter's face.

He had gigantic fists. They were horrifying. People wondered how Peter was going to defend himself. One blow would surely kill him.

"Boss, come on! Kick his ass!"

People in the audience became excited when they realized what was going to happen. Some even started throwing money on the stage.

The bald man did not expect to have a live and cheering audience. This gave him more confidence, and he was convinced that this was the best time to give Peter a lesson.

Peter closed his eyes, unable to move. He was so terrified that he was unable to move a muscle.

The bald man saw the fear on Peter's face and this gave him more confidence.

'What a loser! He had no idea what he got himself into.'

However, just w

orking for?" Angus covered his head to protect it from Peter.

"Who are you?" Peter glared at him and asked again,"Who are you?"

"I am Angus Piao!" Angus felt so irritated that he asked himself, 'He said he wanted to talk! Why is he asking me my name?'

"You are Angus Piao?" Peter added,"Great! I am here to talk. Why did you tear down my apartment?"

"Your apartment?" Angus couldn't believe what he just realized. "You are Peter Wang?"

Angus did destroy his apartment, but he had not personally met Peter.

For him, Peter was a nobody and he didn't give a damn about him. He was so brutal that he was not going to tear down Peter's apartment if it wasn't for that rich man.

"I'm glad you remember. Good! How are you going to compensate for my loss?" Peter counted his fingers while he was waiting for Angus to answer.

"The things that you destroyed are priceless antiques, including the bed, sheets, the door and the closet. They belonged to the First Emperor of Qin. They are worth several million dollars. You have to pay for everything that you destroyed!"

Angus and his men couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"Fuck! They belonged to the First Emperor of Qin? Who would believe that? Several billion dollars? Why don't you just rob a bank? I don't believe a word you said, you fool!"

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