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   Chapter 89 If I Tell You, You’ll Be Scared To Death!

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7097

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:15

Peter's tiny rented apartment was a mess. It was ransacked.

The door was smashed into pieces and his belongings lay scattered all over the place.

Beddings were dirty with footprints and crumpled on the ground. His floor was wet with the liquid from inside the kettle that was smashed, making the quilt look so unpleasant.

What were once his wardrobe and his bedside cabinet were now a pile of wood chips.

"Who did this?" Peter boomed, enraged at the scene.

The neighboring tenants locked themselves in their own units upon seeing Peter's anger. Despite what they knew, no one dared to get involved in the situation.

Peter was furious. 'You dare play tricks on me? Face me if you have the balls, asshole, ' he thought.

"You seem really angry, mister. Hi hi." A small voice came from behind Peter. Peeking at him from her slightly opened apartment door, a girl poked her head out, giggling and teasing him.

"Do you want to know who did it? I can tell you if you promise me one thing."

She looked like she was about 20 years old. Her features were soft and delicate. Despite her bare face, she looked incredibly angelic.

Her white dress exposed two long legs and fair skin, which definitely got Peter's attention.

What Peter didn't like about her, though, were her eyes that looked back at him with pleasure for being able to witness his misery.

"Did you do it?" Peter asked blankly, gaining a sense of familiarity with her face but unable to quite recall why. 'Hmm, isn't she the classy girl I met during the time when I was hurrying to rescue Bella and I had to rush in the highway? She was bugging me to race with her but I ignored her.'

Finally processing the information in his head, he asked her harshly,"Did you or did you not do this?"

"Hey, watch your mouth. Look at me. I'm not that kind of person. Do you really think I can do such a thing?'

Peter's suspicion clearly upset her. "I asked you a question. Do you really want to know who did this?"

"Of course!" Peter nodded. Deep down, he also didn't really believe that she would be the culprit since there wasn't really any

love to caress this beautiful leg,"

he exclaimed as he held her leg firmly, allowing himself to indulge in its beauty. They looked so awkward with her leg raised the way it was.

She looked like she was about to cry.

'Oh no, I have a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo. How would I lose to him? What shall I do? What shall I do?' the girl thought in despair.

"Look, I was wrong. I'll tell you who broke into your house, okay? And I won't ask for anything in return. Is that fair?"

she asked sweetly, looking at him with seductive eyes. She figured she couldn't win him over with her strength, so it was time to change her strategy.

She looked very gentle with her flushed cheeks.

She had to admit that their position was really awkward. Peter even took the liberty to stare her legs down, which was incredibly degrading!

"None of this would have happened if you said that earlier," Peter grinned, letting go of her leg. 'I've got to admit, this chick is pretty charming when she acts like a demure lady. Such a charming little siren, ' Peter thought to himself.

"Angus Piao of North Street did it. I heard him say that you offended a man you shouldn't provoke. That's all I know," she said quickly.

"Angus Piao of North Street? Do you know where he is? I'll go find him." Peter frowned. He didn't know this guy. Who was behind this? Who was the real person plotting revenge against him?

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