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   Chapter 88 What The Fuck

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7544

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Lisa was not sure of her feelings — relieved or annoyed when she heard Sandra.

Sandra used to be her friend. They grew up in the same village and studied in the same school.

They were actually good friends, growing up together. However, things changed when they were in high school.

Lisa was more beautiful than Sandra. Her academic record was also much better. This triggered Sandra's jealousy. Lisa was no longer a friend to her but an enemy and an opponent in everything.

Sandra would compete with Lisa in everything, even in someone's affection for her. Sandra would flirt with him and work on taking him away.

"Peter, do not mind them. Let us just enjoy our dinner." Lisa didn't want to cause a scene. She pulled Peter and walked to the restaurant.

She didn't want to talk to Sandra or have any encounter with her.

However, Sandra was not going to let her go easily. "Why are you so angry with me? Do not leave right away! We are old friends, remember? Let us talk about this issue."

Sandra boldly walked up to them, telling them arrogantly,"This is a first-class restaurant. Can you even afford to eat here? You cannot afford the bill. Do not embarrass yourself."

Lisa's face turned red, and she started to panic. She was a shy and humble person. She didn't know how to argue and deal with confrontations like this.

Peter sensed what was happening. He could tell Lisa was worried and upset. "Wow! You are really something else, auntie! Who told you that we cannot afford this restaurant?"


Sandra was shocked for awhile but soon enough remembered her anger. She wanted so much to slap Peter's face.

"What did you say? Did you just call me auntie? I am not your auntie!"

Sandra was so furious. Wanting to attack Peter, she shouted,"Open your eyes! Can't you tell that I am only twenty-three? I am definitely not your auntie!"

"Really?" Peter appeared shock. Then, he pointed at the old fat man. "Isn't he your boyfriend? I thought you are the same age as him.

I may have made a mistake. I apologize if I did not see clearly. Please, make me understand. You are a young and beautiful woman. Why did you ask an old man like him to be your boyfriend? He is almost sixty years old and he can be your uncle

which made the man uneasy and embarrassed.

'Son of a bitch! Why did you say it so loudly?

How dare you ask me to date my daughter! And how dare you embarrass me in a place like this!'

Unable to control his anger, the man pointed at Peter and tried to kick his ass.

Peter yelled and then moved closer to Lisa. "What are you doing? Trying to give me a lesson? Everybody! Look here! This man is trying to kill me!"

Peter shouted so loudly that it caught everyone's attention. Soon, many people gathered around them, waiting for the man's next move.

"Fuck! You just wait and see!" The man's face was red in anger. He was too embarrassed to stay, so he took Sandra's hand and walked away hurriedly.

'How humiliating!'

"What an arrogant bastard! The good thing was that he decided to leave. Now, I can breathe easily. Lisa, I helped you again! I think you should reward me!"

Peter looked at Lisa mischievously as they walked to the restaurant together.

Lisa's face flushed as she was unable to say anything or to even look at Peter. 'That's shameful! Asking me to give him a reward. That's not a real hero!'

After a pleasant dinner, Peter walked Lisa home. He was really glad to have saved her from that moment with Sandra and the old fat man.

He returned to his apartment very much pleased with himself. He just realized how much he missed his bed. He had not been home for a long time.

Standing in the doorway, Peter shouted,"Fuck!" He was unable to believe his eyes.

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