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   Chapter 87 Sandra Liu

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7350

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It took Peter more than one hour to figure out the most qualified persons for the new positions.

He acted with fairness, not even showing special favor to Jack, appointing him as a team leader.

The five new captains were Andy Liao, Bruce Wei, Jason Zhang, Lawrence Bai, and Harvey Xie.

Before today, all of them had been ranked and filed security guards, far from being captains, not even team leaders.

Bob kept the power and prestige all to himself so they never had the chance to earn these titles despite their competence.

The five were on cloud nine after being selected. They were full of gratitude towards Peter. They were sure to support Peter no matter what.

Peter congratulated them, then turned to those who were not selected.

"Everybody, these positions are not permanent. I will continue to promote those who show excellence and demote those who perform weakly. As long as you have what it takes, you can replace them any time."

Excitement gleamed at the other guards' eyes as they heard his words.

The chance of being captain or team leader was very attractive to them.

Salary alone was attractive enough. A captain earned 3, 000 more than an ordinary security guard, and a team leader earned 1, 000 more than that. Now that was real money.

Peter was about to leave after raising the morale of his team when someone barged into the room, kicking the door forcefully. 14 angry young men came in.

"Sorry, we are having a meeting now. Please vacate the room," Lisa said, attempting to stop them.

"Fuck off. Shut up, bitch," the man barked at her. "I'm the captain. How dare you! You're the one who should get out!"

The man shouted at Lisa with contempt. He glanced at Peter and asked,"You are the new director?

I heard a lot about you. You didn't only destroy the manager's office and kick out Miss Mei, but also fired us, too. Didn't you?"

"Excuse me, you are?" Despite Peter's show of courteousness, he sneered in his mind.

It was impossible not to recognize these guys. They were the former captains and team leaders who didn't attend the meeting on purpose.

News might have reached them about Peter's management of the ones thrown out

Peter took her to a fancy restaurant.

On their way there, he called Bella to give her a brief report about what happened this afternoon and requested to have Lisa as his secretary.

Bella felt frankly annoyed at his proposal because she knew what he was planning. Still, she approved it since he did do a good job.

"What do we have here? Is this our 'campus belle' Lisa Ye? How can you be here? Can you even afford this place? This high-class restaurant is risking its reputation admitting some pauper like you. That's very unfortunate!"

Someone jeered the moment they entered the restaurant.

They glanced to the speaker: a coquettish woman with a small dress and tight perms. At her waist was the arm of a fat man on his forties.

The woman was not pretty, but her dress was bold. The cloth on her upper torso only covered her breasts, exposing everything else.

Her skirt was too short to even cover the place between her thighs when she moved, attracting many eyes.

Right now, she was leaning on the short, fat guy shamelessly with her eyes full of contempt towards Lisa.

"Sandra Liu, why are you here?" When Lisa saw this woman, her face changed and she grasped Peter's arm tightly, subconsciously.

"If you can come here, why can't I? Why do you seem nervous? Don't worry, I have no interest on that poor guy you have with you. You can have him,"

Sandra Liu said in a deliberately sweet voice as she looked at Peter with contempt.

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