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   Chapter 86 High Spirits

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8545

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Seeing that these security guards were about to get physical, Jack wanted to stand up, but he was stopped by the look in Peter's eyes.

"Oh, so you're eager for a fight now that you've taken off your uniforms, huh? Who are you trying to scare, huh?

You think I'm scared? Intimidated? You're dead wrong! You look stupid and ridiculous. I've fought punks scarier than you.

Punks don't bluff and bluster when they fight. They just keep punching. Look at you. Actually, I'd be really happy with your decision. It would be a shame if you all stayed as security guards in Silverland Group."

Peter provoked them relentlessly, irritating them extremely.

He knew that to secure his position as director of the Security Department once and for all, he would need a flashy victory. Unfortunately for these men, they were the targets.

He wanted the group to be agitated and fight. Only in that way could he find an excuse to assert his dominance.

If he wanted to be the director of the Security Department in Silverland Group, he needed more than strength, although it was absolutely impossible without strength.

"Fuck you. You just dug out your own grave!"

"Don't blame us for your injuries, asshole. This is your own doing."

Those provoked security guards inside the room fumed with anger.

Peter was relaxed. He regarded their anger with contempt.

"Hey, you've been bragging for half a day. Planning to get it on? Anyone can do what you're doing: all talk. You should win a barking competition! Surely, you'll win!"

A barking competition?

Who could stand this kind of insult?

The guards were so furious that they finally charged at Peter.

They were like a pack of wolves, bloodthirsty with the desire to tear Peter apart.

The other security guards in the area scattered, moving away from the scene.

They were concerned about the fear of being involved in the scene, but at the same time, they also wanted to see their new security chief's strength.

Two security guards rushed at Peter, trying to slam him fiercely.

They were so strong that the other people couldn't help but react.

Peter just grinned and didn't even dodge. Instead, he raised both his hands and seized the two men's speeding fists.

Before they could react, Peter pulled them towards him and they both fell to the ground, like helpless dogs. They fell chin-first and ended up bleeding.

"You suck. You're lame in fighting. Why not go home to practice for a few more years?" Peter commented and stood waiting for the others.

Standing tall

rity guards are inferior? They are wrong! Absolutely wrong! We security guards are honorable and vital.

Without us, how can the higher-ups work safely and peacefully? Without us, how can they cope with unexpected situations of the company?

So please don't look down on yourself. We are great and glorious. I, Peter, cannot guarantee you many things, but there is one thing that I can promise you:

If you do a good job or have an outstanding performance, I will not hesitate to give you a promotion, a raise, or even a position shift, as long as you have the drive and ability!"

The security guards listened to Peter's passionate words with bright eyes and enthusiasm.

For any kind of job, hope and passion were important.

In the past, they were led by Bob Zhen, and at most they could be a team leader or a captain. For other promotion, they saw no hope. They could only dream about that. This made them develop the mentality of performing with a fixed salary for the rest of their lives.

Now, with a promise of a higher position if they gave an excellent performance, how could they not be excited about that?

Now, everyone was full of energy, and their morale was high.

"Don't think that it's just loose talk. Now, I'll give you your first chance."

The security guards were getting more and more excited. They all wondered what this first chance was.

"Security Department: five captains, ten team leaders. Let's start the election.

If anyone of you thinks that you have the ability to be captain or team leader, stand out. I'll give you opportunities to compete fairly."

Hearing Peter's words, they got even more excited. Some of them stood out without hesitation.

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