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   Chapter 85 Does Anyone Refuse To Obey My Orders

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8005

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:15

It was three o'clock in the afternoon.

About 86 security guards came to the meeting. They seemed impatient and annoyed. And 14 security guards refused to attend the meeting.

10 of them were on a rest day and did not come to work. 4 of them replied that they were too busy to attend the meeting.

The 86 security guards gathered in the corner and talked to each other in threes and fours. Obviously, they were not interested in what Peter was saying.

"Okay, time is up. Lisa, close the door and do not let others in. Guys, I need your attention!"

Peter looked at his watch. It was exactly three o'clock.

Lisa following his order closed the door and stood in the doorway.

However, the security guards were not as prompt to follow his order. They stood up slowly and dragged their bodies to form a line.

What should have taken them one minute took them ten minutes just to form a simple line.

Peter just looked at them calmly. He said nothing, trying not to lose his patience.

"Hello, who the damn are you? Why did you ask for the meeting?"

"Boss, we are busy. We don't have the time for this!" "This is a waste of time!"

Not done complaining, the guards were not shy in showing their impatience. "Go ahead, it's my rest day! Don't waste my time!" could be heard all over the place.

They didn't show any respect to Peter. Everyone was complaining and obviously felt disgusted that they had to be called in for the meeting.

"Are you done?" Peter said calmly and nobody could tell he was trying to control his anger.

"What's taking you so long? You're wasting our time!"

"Yeah, we don't have to be here even if you are the boss! Bob didn't bother with meetings like this before!"

Several security guards moved away from the line and tried to challenge Peter.

Peter just looked at them and smiled. "You are not happy with me, right? Okay so now is your chance. Those who refuse to obey my orders, raise your hand."

Quickly, at least 50 security guards raised their hands.

When Peter asked them to form a line, they grudgingly obeyed and seemed to be losing their patience with Peter. But what Peter said caught their attention. They raised their hands quickly and listened to what Peter had to say.

In their view, Peter was nothing to them! Therefore, they thought Peter could do nothing to them. That was why they dared raise their hands.



After he had done talking, he turned to the other security guards. "Is there anyone else who wants to sign the paper? I'm just being reasonable and I'm giving you a chance to leave and find better opportunities."

The room became silent. Unable to say anything, all they could do was bow their heads.

Finally, they realized what was happening.

Peter was indeed the director of the Security Department. He had every right to fire them if they refused to obey his orders. And they couldn't challenge his decision.

It was useless even if they complained to his boss and Peter got demoted or fired. What was the use of complaining and who would listen to them if they were already terminated from the company.

"Unbelievable! What a bastard! You have balls!"

"You fired us right? We no longer work for the company?" "Now it's our turn. Let's make him pay for this!"

"Yeah, We don't have to be afraid of him now!" "Since this is our last day, let's make it a memorable one for him!"

"You tricked us into doing this and we cannot let you get away with it." "Now, let's give him what he's looking for!"

"Yeah! Do it!"

The security guards who had sighed the paper took off their uniforms and glared at Peter.

They were eager to kick Peter and give him the lesson that he deserved.

Motionless, the remaining security guards just stood on the other side and watched in horror.

These security guards who got fired were their leaders and were skilled fighters. The remaining ones were aware that it was not going to be pleasant and they didn't want to be involved.

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