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   Chapter 84 False Claims

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 11038

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"Mr. Zhang, I really need your help! This new guy, the new director of the Security Department. I cannot believe it but he just humiliated me in front of everybody! He is the most ill-mannered, arrogant and barbaric person I've ever seen. I can't believe such a person exists! He smashed everything in the director's office and broke everything! Not only that, he said he was firing me! Is that even possible?

I don't believe it! I worked so hard and devoted so many years in this company! He cannot just fire me!"

Carly approached Jaden and demanded him to go with her to the Security Department. Upset, she wanted him to confront Peter at once for maltreating her.

"Come on! Don't worry. Silverland Group is a legitimate enterprise. We protect our reputation and of course our employees. He cannot just fire you for no reason." Jaden tried to appease Carly even if he himself was bothered by Peter's promotion. The way Peter was conducting himself was unacceptable. Jaden knew it was time to take some actions against Peter.

The Security Department was a very important department in the company, and Jaden used to rule over the entire department, from the top rank down to the bottom rank. He couldn't believe that the Security Department was no longer in control.

Now, Bella just assigned Peter to head this department. Bella was the CEO and there was nothing he could do about it. This gave him a great amount of trouble for this would greatly affect his future plans. 'I need to do something. I cannot let him take over the Security Department. It will ruin everything.'

Still thinking of ways on how he could get rid of Peter out of the department when Carly came in and gave him the opportunity he was looking for. He cannot let this heated moment pass. Furious but not defeated, he stood up and started walking towards the Security Department.

Jaden, followed by Carly, walked towards the Security Department. All the security guards moved aside, whispering among themselves. Something interesting was going to happen, and they did't want to miss it.

Lisa who was on the phone became nervous at the sight of Jaden. Her expression changed and she ended the call and stood up to meet Jaden.

Carly and Jaden were soon facing Peter. Jaden yelled at him in anger," Peter, how dare you destroy the company properties? And how can you fire her without any reason?"

"Mr. Zhang, I don't know what you're talking about. "I did not destroy anything and I don't remember terminating anyone from the company. These are baseless accusations. Who gave you the wrong information?"

Unaffected by Jaden's outburst, Peter calmly stood up from his place to show his respect and calmly answered Jaden's accusations.

He knew Jaden was their Deputy General Manager. Like it or not, he knew he was the boss, and he had to show him some respect.

"Excuse me?" Unable to control her anger, Carly started questioning Peter even before Jaden could say anything. In a harsh voice, feeling all high and mighty she pointed her finger at Peter accusing him of denying their allegations.

"You're telling us that you did not break anything in the director's office? You said you were going to fire me. How could you deny all that? Everyone in this room heard what you said, loud and clear. They

, there is nothing else to discuss. But I have to remind you that being the director of the Security Department is a tough job! You have to be careful. We do not tolerate mistakes here."

Feeling ashamed of himself, Jaden felt he should have been more careful if he wanted Peter out of the company. He failed this time but he was not giving up. The guy was not perfect. He was bound to make a mistake soon enough. Jaden planned to wait for that moment.

He left the room without even glancing at Carly. He didn't want to see her right now! 'What a fool bitch! I should not have listened to her!' Jaden thought.

"Take care, Mr. Zhang, I will remember your advice. Don't worry I believe I am the best man for this job. You can drop by my office anytime."

Very pleased with himself, Peter waved goodbye with a triumphant smile on his face.

This only angered Jaden further. He knew it was a wave of victory for him.

He hated Peter even more. It was a pain just to feel his presence in the room and all he wanted was to escape this nightmare.

"I feel so tired. I just want to get out of here and forget that he even exists." As soon as Jaden left the room, Peter sat on the sofa as if a great weight was lifted off his shoulder. He could finally relax. He picked up his coffee from the table, drank it off and tried not to think of anything else.

"Peter, that's my coffee! Stop!" Realizing what just happened, Lisa froze. She couldn't seem to move a single part of her body.

'Oh my god! Is that like a kiss from Peter? I want to disappear!'

"Really? No wonder it tasted so sweet. It's your coffee." Peter licked his lips seductively unmindful of what he was doing.

"Peter, I hate you." Lisa could feel her cheeks burning. She tried to look away so Peter wouldn't see. "Please, stop that or I won't talk to you!"

"Don't get mad! I am just trying to relax. Babe, why don't you join me so we can share your coffee!" Peter looked at Lisa trying to convince her to join him. However, he decided against it when he saw Lisa's red face. "Okay, let me just make another cup of coffee for you. Just wait for me!"

Confused with her own feelings, Lisa could only smile back at Peter.

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