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   Chapter 83 Director's Vicious Secretory

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 12754

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The security guards looked at each other with disdain in their eyes. They were not happy with Peter's attitude towards them which added to their already agitated mood.

'Do you really think you're our superior by calling all of us to attend the meeting? What a tone!' The security guards wondered among themselves.

Although they showed contempt, they had to take out their phones and inform those who were absent from there. It was their duty now to inform others on the director's order.

"Who are you? This is the director's office, you shouldn't be here. Get out right away!"

As soon as Peter entered the director's office, someone shouted in a sharp voice which echoed all over the place, causing Peter to halt in his way.

The shrill voice made Peter furrowed his brow in annoyance while his hand was still on the door knob; even the security guards outside were slightly astonished.

But after that, they began their gloating. Those guards were a group of stubborn people.

As Bob's secretary, Carly Mei was a hard nut to crack, not many people were able to cope up with her. It was not easy for a person to please her. She not only had a sharp and vicious tongue; besides, it was said that she was Jaden's relative, which made her a more devious person. No one in the office wanted to be at the wrong side of her.

There was going to be a good show between Peter and Carly Mei, and the security guards were excited for it. They wanted to see if this new director could cope with her.

"Hello, you must be Carly Mei, secretary of the director, right? I'm the new director of Security Department, Peter Wang."

Looking at the woman in front of him, Peter didn't get mad, but introduced himself to her politely. He knew he had to handle this situation very cautiously.

He had done some relevant background research before he came here, so he knew that she was a difficult person to deal with. So, he kept his calm.

She was wearing a black plaid dress, the hemline of which took the shape of plum-flower petals. The dress was only knee-length, and her calves with silk stockings were exposed.

She was not very beautiful, but she had a plump figure. Although she couldn't compete with Elaine and others, her charm couldn't be totally ignored.

At this time, with one hand resting on the desk, Carly Mei was pointing at Peter with the other hand and swearing at him petulantly. Her expressions were very rude and she was acting as if she owned the world.

"No matter who you are, just get out! This office only belongs to Mr. Zhen, not to anyone else! I don't care if you're the new security director or not; in a word, you're not allowed to enter the office. Get out now!"

Carly Mei looked very enraged and domineering. She was ready to exert her power on whoever presented in front of her. She showed the manner of a vixen, as if she was about to fight Peter if he did not follow her order.

Looking at Carly Mei who was cursing in public like a vixen, the security guards outside were secretly delighted as if their deepest desire was getting fulfilled.

Although Carly Mei did not say that she didn't recognize Peter as the director of Security Department, she did not allow him to enter the director's office. Wasn't that a slap on Peter's face?

As the director, Peter couldn't even enter his own office. In this case, what was the value of his position?

It was conceivable that Peter was thoroughly humiliated when he was cast out of the office. Before he officially took office, his dignity had been badly hurt. This was the worst reaction a person could get on his promotion.

"Is that so?" Peter nodded in grave seriousness and then retreated out of the office.

Seeing Peter withdrawing, Carly Mei was stunned at first. She was not able to believe her eyes, but s

esence delighted all the security guards.

'No matter judged from appearance, temperament or age, she is much more charming than Carly.'

The Security Department was filled with men. They seldom had got the chance of seeing such a beautiful women.

"My dear, you're here. Come over and sit here." Staring at Lisa, Peter grinned naughtily and pointed towards his lap.

"You devil." She glared at him while shaking her head in disbelief on hearing Peter's words. Instead of sitting on his lap, she sat beside him. "Peter, what can I do for you?"

Peter took out a list and handed it to Lisa. "Help me call these people one by one and inform them to attend the meeting at three o'clock. No matter what their attitude is, just inform them.

If someone turns off the phone, leave him a text message; and then announce the meeting on the official website."

"Okay." Without hesitation or making any delays, she quickly began to dial the numbers and started informing people about the meeting. Being in the company for long, she knew how to handle people while informing them about such sudden meetings.

Having known that Peter had just taken the post of director of Security Department, she realized that he probably needed to take some actions. So, she didn't ask him anything more, because she just wanted to share his pressure.

"My lovely girl, I'll make you a cup of coffee." Seeing her working so seriously, Peter chuckled and prepared the coffee for her.

Lisa blushed with shyness while feeling very happy. This made her even more passionate for her work.

On seeing this scene happening in the conference room, the security guards present outside were shocked. It was hard for them to believe how a person could change his behavior within few minutes.

'Shit! At this point, how can this guy be in the mood for flirting, after all that happened few moments before? He is strange. Apparently, he doesn't take Carly seriously.'

They were right; Peter really didn't take her seriously.

After the coffee was ready, Peter sat beside Lisa to check out how many calls were made.

Smelling the delicate fragrance on her body and looking at the charming scenery under her collar, Peter smiled with jovial enjoyment. He was having fun while sitting there with Lisa.

But he didn't know how long his happiness was going to stay as Carly Mei aggressively rushed to Jaden's office. Even before she entered the office, Peter could hear her malicious accusation from such a distance as she was really shouting in aggression.

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