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   Chapter 82 Director Of Security Department

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 11623

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Unable to do anything since the hitman was already dead, Peter informed Cassie of the things happened there and quickly left the place.

He didn't try to pursue the mysterious sniper, because he knew it was impossible to catch up with him from such a distance. He needed some other way to get to the boss who ordered the sniper and Dunn to do the assassinations.

Three days later, Bella's grandfather was cremated. Funeral was held where elites from the Golden City came to pay their respect to him.

For the next seven days, Bella observed mourning for him.

During this period, Peter guarded her secretly and inspected everyone suspicious who came to visit her, but he remained empty-handed. He was not able to find anything of that much importance to uncover the secret boss behind the murders.

Having taken ten days of mourning period, Bella returned to work, regaining her former CEO look of an icy beauty. She was perfect in covering her gloomy feelings by being a ruthless boss.

However, she didn't expect that there was a storm awaiting her.

Jaden had collected 49% of shares of Silverland Group secretly, claiming to dismiss Bella from president and chairman post with the help of his lawyer. It was a well-planed scheme played at the precious moment.

When Bella was confronted with Jaden's challenge, she was stunned to her core, perplexed and she felt as if her heart was sinking with grueling pain. This cunning fox finally gave away his ambition. Bella knew he was plotting for something, but she was not cleared what was it. She didn't expected him to reach to such a low level. Whenever she saw that hateful face, she suffered from a deep urge of slapping him tightly. But circumstances were not in her favor, her anger was forcing her to do something violent but she knew it would do her no good. So, it was a constant battle between her heart and her mind.

Her grandfather had just passed away, and his body was not even cold, but Jaden used this opportunity to undermine her, which was the greatest disrespect to her deceased grandfather.

Bella was also shocked by the fact that Jaden was able to acquire 49% of stakes in shares of the group without anyone getting a wind about it. How did it all happen? He must be planning it for a long time.

The truth was, her grandfather had only 47% of shares with him when he was alive.

Jaden was well-prepared. He had done his home-work before coming over here, so he was confident to challenge Bella with his 49% of shares when the time was right. He knew that how much her grandfather was expected to pass on to her. By doing his research, he became aware about it but there was loophole in his research.

He didn't know that besides 47% shares passed on to her from her grandfather, Bella also held another 4% of the shares that her grandfather had gifted her few years ago. This total was sure going to turn the tables in front of Jaden.

When the files of 51% of shares were placed in front of Jaden, he became disappointed and ashen-faced. He couldn't believe his eyes for all he knew it was not possible to happen. So, he kept checking and rechecking the files for multiple times, not until he got tired.

The rumors were that the remaining 4% of shares were scattered among individual investors and nobody knew who they were. Wasn't it the truth? How could they end up falling in Bella's lap? It was making him all confused. All the efforts that he had placed in the schemes until

lot of power.

The total number of about 100 security personnel were responsible for the security of the entire group. And to be their head meant a lot.

"Shit! Who the fuck is Peter Wang? How many days has he been here? What did he do to attain this promotion? I am telling you, I am not at all satisfied if he becomes our head!"

"You are right. He had worked for less than a month. How can he be the director? I have been here for 3 years, working diligently day after day. My monthly salary is only 10, 000. Why is he getting 3 times of my salary when he has only one month experience? "

"It's so unfair! Miss Song must be out of her mind! Although Peter can fight, that doesn't make him our leader. As a director, we need brain as well as fist. Does he have a brain to tackle director's responsibility?"

When Peter entered the office, a group of security guards were gossiping and complaining about him among themselves. They were very irritated over his promotion.

Even when they saw Peter entering, they only stopped for a second and then continued whispering with each other, completely ignoring Peter's presence over there. Peter did notice their behavior but he chose to ignore it.

The only one who greeted Peter was Jack. Trying to neglect the killing sights from other security guards, Jack struggled towards Peter and said,"Peter, there you are."

He behaved unusually formally. When Peter noticed it, he got the idea why there was a change in his behavior. After all, Peter was now the head of security guards. Jack didn't know whether Peter would treat him as before or not. There might be a possibility that he would no longer like to be treated as a friend but as a boss.

"Hey bro. Relax. I'm still who I was, same Peter." Peter smiled and said hi to Jack. He whispered a few words in Jack's ear, then proceeded towards the group of security guards who were gossiping about him.

Jack's expression instantly changed when he heard what Peter had whispered to him, and quickly he left the office.

"Inform everyone, including all team leaders and group leaders, to attend the meeting in the conference room after two hours. Getting late or not showing at the meeting is not acceptable. Tell others now!"

Peter commanded to the group of people and moved towards his new office.

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