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   Chapter 81 The Mysterious Gunner

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9677

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A young man covered in white from top to bottom came from behind the door. He seemed very calm and composed. He didn't even panic when he saw the cops.

He walked towards the cops slowly without any hesitation and after completing the police inquiry he left the hospital in a casual manner. He was the kind of person who usually were not afraid by these kinds of police formalities as if it was part of their daily routine.

"Well, is there anything wrong with that man?" On noticing Peter's facial expressions, Cassie couldn't help but ask him about the guy in white. His brows were furrowed tightly, and his eyes were grim which prompted Cassie to question him.

"He is the hitman," Peter said calmly. He instantaneously turned his expressions back to blank while replying to Cassie.

"What? Why didn't you say that before? I'll stop him!" Cassie hurriedly moved forward to chase him, but Peter stopped her by grabbing her arm. She was furious on hearing that the man in white was the hitman. She wanted him to get punished.

"You're no match for him! Let me do it." As soon as he finished his sentence, he ran towards the entrance of the hospital.

Peter was sure that the man was the hitman because he was too calm in front of the cops! And that was enough to raise doubt in the mind of an intelligent person. It was natural for normal person to get nervous on getting interrogated by police.

But most of all, Peter was sure that he was the assassin because of his blood scent. Although the blood scent was intangible, it did really exist. And Peter had kinda intuition towards these things, being involved in it for a good part of his life.

Dunn was an assassin, but not a famous one. That was why he was arranged to kill Bella's grandfather, who was a small potato here, not that much of a considerate person in people's eye.

Dunn treated the task with not that much of a respect. Dunn believed that he was a highly skilled assassin and should be ranked among one of TOP 100 Assassins. However, the Assassins List highlighted the assassins' finishing rate along with their strength. To be placed in the list, one should be good in both.

Although Dunn was a capable assassin, his finishing rate was really low which didn't let him enter among the elites assassins. He was too aloof and proud to conduct the assassination. He usually murdered his victims in public place which was a negative point in being a professional assassin.

"The task has been finished," Dunn said and hung up his phone while standing in the corner. As soon as he finished his call, he proceeded to leave the place. But suddenly, his expressions changed.

He found a man standing in front of him, but previously when he started his call the place was empty. So, where did he appeared from?

'Shit! Why didn't I find him before?'

Dunn wondered. his face looked terrible from the shock. He t


Then, three bullets were shot at Peter, which were really fast. Peter was barely able to evade them.

This sequence was making him irritated. He wanted to take over the attacker. However, he had to control his anger and step back to avoid the attack because the shots were continuously fired leaving him with no time to make a move.

Peter was not the target! The mysterious gunner shot at Dunn after Peter was forced back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three bullets were shot at Dunn.

Dunn got first shot on his right leg. Immediately, he fell on the ground and couldn't move to some hiding place.

Then, he got second shot on his back which was targeted to hit his heart. It was a shot of complete precision.

At the last, the gunner aimed at his brain from behind and fired the last shot.

Dunn's brain was spattered all over the place. He was completely dead. With a sound, his body fell on the ground laying limp as a log.

They were accurate shots! All marked within a period of few seconds.

"Son of a bitch!" Peter shouted and madly rushed towards Dunn to check if he could help him in any way possible.

However, Dunn was completely dead. And he couldn't do anything to revive him.

Peter was aggrieved and shocked to his core. He couldn't believe on what had just happened within a duration of few seconds.

'There are too many terrifying assassins here! When did they come to this city?

What are they going to do?

The gunner must be the master of the best gunners. With this type of shooting skill, he could be among the Top 10 Assassins!

'Why did he kill Dunn? Why was Dunn not allowed to tell me about his boss? Who is his boss? What is the conspiracy?

Did Bella's grandfather have any secrets that I don't know?'

Peter couldn't figure it out at all. He was perplexed. Somehow, he felt that some troubles were going to happen in Golden City and this was just the beginning of it.

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