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   Chapter 79 You've Been Scammed

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6984

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"Hah! I'm not afraid of you. My bodyguards can beat the crap out of three men like you and they're hella expensive!"

Bert said arrogantly. "Do the smart thing: get on your knees, beg for mercy and let me have fun with the girl. Otherwise, my bodyguards here will beat the hell out of you and make sure you'll regret this day for the rest of your life."

"You're really scaring me, Bert," Peter said with a fearful look on his face. "I just have one problem: I never really learned how to get on my knees from the moment I was born. Teach me how?"

"I see you wanna do this the hard way," Bert said furiously. "Get him and chop his balls off."

Two bodyguards charged at Peter at their boss' command.


One of them delivered a blow to Peter's head

cleanly and quickly.


Peter screamed as he fell on the sofa while holding Lisa in his arms.


The guard's fist landed on the wall instead!


He winced in pain and started rubbing his fist.

He just hit a solid wall with his fist! How could he have endured the impact?

His companion gave him a pat on the shoulder, rose, and started to rush in. He jumped on the table and delivered a kick towards Peter and Lisa.

Reacting quickly, Peter jerked his leg to kick the bodyguard back, hitting him at the waist.

Bang! The guard was knocked back just before his leg reached Peter. He fell to the ground, unable to get himself back up again.

"Oh God! You scared the shit out of me," Peter told Bert as he sat up looking frightened. "Boss, how much did you pay for your bodyguards?"

"One hundred thousand a month for each," Bert answered, looking pale.

"One hundred thousand! And they're so weak! You know what? You've been scammed! I only earn three thousand a month with my level of fighting skills, but they are paid one hundred thousand? Why don't you give me fifty thousand and I'll be your bodyguard?"

Peter offered with a grin.

Before Bert could speak, the bodyguard who hit his fist on the wall started to charge at him.

His eyes were cold. Drawing a sharp knife f

isten, do you think you should apologize to my girl, Lisa?" Peter reminded.

"Yes, I'll apologize." Bert scrambled to kneel down in front of her.

"Miss Ye, I was wrong. I was bewitched and I lost my mind. I did very stupid things. Please forgive me. I promise I won't do it again."

Lisa looked at him fearfully as she huddled tighter into Peter's arms. "You, you stay away from me."

She wasn't normally a timid girl, but today was too much for her to take. It wasn't like the time when she, Shelly and Peter fought the hooligans in the hotel.

Bert wanted to crawl to Lisa's side to continue his apology, but Peter kicked him aside. "Didn't you hear her when she asked you to stay away? You've done enough. Now you just have to cooperate with us."

"No problem, no problem," Bert immediately said before Peter could finish his words. "I will go to your office tomorrow and sign the contract with Miss Ye."

"Good boy. Okay, now you can take your time and enjoy yourself. We'll go now." Peter nodded as he and Lisa left the room.

As for Bob, Peter ignored him completely. Being disabled, it would be impossible for him to be violent again in his lifetime.

As they were walking out of Royal Hotel, Peter suddenly noticed something odd about Lisa's expression.

She was biting on her lips and her cheeks were flushed as she hummed a tune that Peter found very seductive.

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