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   Chapter 78 Thank You For Reminding Me

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6447

Updated: 2019-01-27 00:47

Both Bob and Bert were scared to death, and they subconsciously glanced at the door of the private room they were in, seeing a twenty-five-year-old young man standing at the door, full of anger.

When Bob looked at this young man, he was terrified. He had never expected that Peter would show up to obstruct his way.

From beginning to the end, he didn't leave any opportunity for Lisa to call for help from Peter or anyone. How did Peter know that Lisa was here in danger?

But Bert was different. He didn't know Peter at all, so he wasn't terrified by him. The moment Bert saw a twenty-five-year-old man standing outside the room instead of policemen, he was immediately outraged.

"Who the hell are you and how dare you kick my door? Don't you know that you are supposed to knock the room? Run, run for your life! Otherwise do not blame me for what I do."

Bert was raged. If he wouldn't have been eager to rape Lisa, he would have rushed to fight with Peter and wouldn't let him go easily.

Bob put on a gloomy face and stopped his action. He knew that it was impossible to touch Lisa as long as Peter was there to protect her.

Although he was desperate to kill Peter, he gave it up when he thought that it was impossible to fight Peter given how strong he was.

"Sorry, my feet were itchy when I saw this room, so I thought of taking a kick. How will you deal with me? Come to bite me?"

Peter looked at him and said provocatively.

The moment he saw Bob there, he understood what was going on. It was obvious that Lisa was involved here.

"Peter!" When seeing Peter, Lisa had a hint of hope in her eyes, and rushed toward him to hug him.

She was teary-eyed, but she felt happy on seeing Peter. At that moment she just wanted to marry him.

"Lisa, I'm here now. Take it easy. I can ensure that you were born to be my woman. In this life, you only belong to me, and except me no one can touch you."

eter stopped attacking, Bob didn't even have the strength to cry. He lay there on the ground, trembling in pain.

Every time he moved his body, the injured parts stung.

"Bob, I think you are right. It is more cheerful to attack someone in a straightforward manner than to use cheap tricks. Thank you for reminding me!"

Peter said gracefully, with Lisa in his arms.

Bob was stunned. 'Oh my god, I keep getting myself into trouble because of my mouth.'

Bert was petrified, for it was the first time he had seen such a lunatic scene. But if it weren't for his trembling legs, he would had ran away by then.

Fortunately, before Peter began to deal with him, Bert's bodyguards had arrived.

"Boss, what can I do for you?" Two bodyguards rushed towards Bert and asked respectfully.

Seeing his bodyguards arrive, Bert recovered his confidence and didn't seem much scared.

Pointing towards Peter and Lisa, Bert said arrogantly,"I am going to make this guy cripple and rape that woman!"

He paid a high price to hire the bodyguards, aiming to show off. And he thought it was a piece of cake for the bodyguards to deal with Peter.

"Hey, Bert, your bodyguards are here, and you seem to be confident again." Peter was surprised on seeing Bert with his two bodyguards.

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