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   Chapter 77 Revenge From Bob

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6545

Updated: 2019-01-27 00:05

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Bella, open the door! I'm done!"

Peter frowned and stood outside Bella's bedroom. He had a bad feeling about the closed door. 'She said that she was ready to sleep with me. Why did she lock the door?' Peter thought.

However, Bella didn't respond and the door remained closed.

Peter wasn't going to give up yet. He knocked on the door again!

Still, no answer.

"What a liar you are! I won't believe you ever again!"

At last, Peter turned around and walked towards the sofa in low spirits.

In the bedroom

Bella stood in front of the mirror, naked and thought, 'How perfect my body is!

I'm way too beautiful! He won't get me easily! I'm happy to see how crazy he is for me! He likes to flirt with other women, doesn't he? I'll definitely punish him, now!'

Bella and Peter had no interaction the whole night.

The next morning, Bella came out the bedroom in her work clothes.

Peter jumped up from the sofa and expressed his dissatisfaction towards her.

"How can you do that to me? You have broken your promise! You said you would sleep with me! I won't trust you anymore!"

Bella said nothing. Instead, she took out her phone and started taking his pictures.

After that, she put the phone into her bag and acted coquettishly,"Don't be mad! I was drunk last night and fell asleep. I'm sorry. Well, I will make it up to you later. Anyway, I'm your woman! You can get me anytime!"

Peter felt intoxicated with her charming face and sultry words.

However, he came to his sense soon and shouted,"You were drunk? So, why did you lock the door? You are just lying, aren't you?"

Suddenly, Bella said in a bossy tone,"Stop this bullshit! Drive me to the office or I will sue you for trespassing!"

Then, Bella showed her phone to Peter. "I have taken your photos! They are the evidence now!"


Peter was flabbergasted! All of a sudden, he understood why she took his photos.

Peter got v

you to death! I really want to see how Peter will save you!"

Bob shouted and looked terrified. "You bitch, take off your clothes! Make me and Bert feel comfortable! Maybe I will let you go then! Or I will ask a group of my men to fuck you!"

Lisa was scared to death. She was so afraid and scared when she heard what Bob said.

'Am I really in trouble? Can nobody save me?' Lisa really wanted to die on contemplating that the two ugly guys might rape her!

"Peter, please help me!" Lisa couldn't help but think of Peter at that moment. Peter had always been able to get her out of troubles!

"You fucking want Peter? Let me tell you the truth darling! Nobody can save you! Not even Peter! Take your clothes off, right now, you little slut!"

Bob was so furious that he would have killed Lisa if Bert hadn't stopped him.

Despair welled up inside her. She stared at both of them angrily. She had decided to commit suicide before letting them touch her!

She would never take her clothes off, at any cost.

"Fuck you. Let me just help you!" Bob was furious and was about to take her skirt off.

He wanted to torture this woman to death, as a revenge from Peter! And raping Lisa was only the beginning of his plan!

However, the door was slammed open before Bob could tear her clothes.

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