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   Chapter 76 Get Out Of Golden City

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8370

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But Peter was not intimidated at all. He replied to his fist with a knife and fork that he picked from the table.


With a not-so-loud noise, the sharp knife and fork pierced into the skin of the man but were stopped and bended by his bones, unable to go any deeper.

"Ouch!" The fat man screamed out, gasping heavily.

Shameless! Cheap tricks!

He hadn't expected that Peter would use the knife and fork to fight against his fist punch.

"Wow! Such a hard fist. The knife and fork got bended!" Peter said out of sheer surprise, and stabbed him again.

Unable to tolerate more, the fat fighter stood up, cradling his fist. Strong as he was, he couldn't stand more attacks like these.

On seeing his partner get defeated by Peter's dirty tricks, the thin man got angry. He grabbed the wine bottle from the table and hit Peter with it.

Given how Peter was, even he wanted to use cheap tricks now.

"Ouch!" Peter screamed, reaching out to the thin fighter's wrist as quick as lightening, grabbing the bottle in a second.

He broke it on the thin man's head.


The bottle broke into pieces. But the thin man was a tough fighter. He remained safe and sound.

The thin fighter was shocked by what had happened, a hint of panic appearing in his eyes.

He thought he might have underestimated his enemy, Peter. Putting aside other things, he realized he wouldn't be able to do what all Peter did.

"Wow. Such a hard head. You are not hurt at all!" On hearing Peter's compliment, the thin fighter couldn't help but feel proud.

"Of course. I have practiced iron head skills. Neither swords nor spears can pierce my skull."


As soon as he finished talking, Peter picked up a glass of wine, smashing it on his head yet again.

The glass broke into pieces, spreading the wine all over the thin fighter's head. But his head stayed unhurt.

"It's really so hard!" Peter said, feeling amazed.

The thin fighter responded in an arrogant tone," So it is. Do you think my iron head is a powder-puff?"

But all of sudden his expressions changed as

he saw Peter taking out a lighter and snapping it over his head.

The moment alcohol met the lighter, his head was on fire. He screamed out loudly.

"What a shameless son of a bitch!"

The thin man cursed Peter and tried to put out the fire on his head using his hands.

Eventually the fire was out, but his head was severely injured, bald and red, with burning marks here and there.

"The iron head

ling to give up, Peter cajoled," I can rub your back and help you wash your body!"

Without replying, Bella just walked away, entering the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

Peter felt upset on getting rejected.

Half an hour later, Bella walked out in a bathrobe and she looked no less than a model.

Her figure caught Peter's attention immediately and he couldn't help but breath heavily.

Bella looked like Venus after a bath, beautiful and sexy. Her hair was still wet, with water dripping down her body.

She was as white as milk, and her skin was glossy under the light.

The most seductive part was her body. Peter could see the charming curves through the semitransparent bathrobe.

"Oh, Bella. I love you! I'm coming for you." Peter felt his breath hot and heavy, and pounced onto Bella.

Since he hadn't touched any woman in a long time, he couldn't resist Bella.

"You are such a bad boy!" Bella said in a flirting tone," I'll be yours sooner or later. I'm right here waiting for you. Why are you so impatient. Clean yourself first. You stink!"

"Wait for me then. I'll be back soon!" Peter answered quickly and

rushed to the bathroom to clean up.

When he entered the bathroom, he saw something that gave him a shock.

Bella's underwear was hanging right there, in front of his eyes. Maybe she had forgotten to take it down as she was in a rush.

Peter struggled to control himself, quickly showered and rushed outside.

But Bella was nowhere to be seen.

'Bella must be waiting for me in the bed stark-naked.' Instead of getting annoyed, Peter got even more excited, breaking into the largest bedroom of the villa.

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