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   Chapter 74 Shame On You

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5343

Updated: 2019-01-25 12:58

"Shame on you!"

"Get out of the car and fight me if you have balls!"

"Son of a bitch!"

The killers shouted as Peter drove after them. They didn't expect him to be this crazy!

"Hurry. I'm starting to catch up to you! Faster, faster! One, two, three!" Peter said as he pushed the gas.


The six killers fell to the ground as Peter's vehicle knocked them off.

"Too slow! Are you turtles? That wasn't fun. Let's change the rules. I'll give you a chance to rest for three seconds. After my count, you have to start running again, okay?"

Peter laughed loudly and stopped the car.

Likewise the thirty men stopped and took advantage of the opportunity to rest as they stared at him angrily. If only looks could kill, Peter would have been dead!

"Okay, ready?" Peter raised three fingers.


The men started to prepare to run.

"Two, one!"

Counting the last two seconds with just one breath, he immediately stepped on the break. 'That wasn't three seconds of rest at all, ' the killers thought.

The Hummer zoomed forward.

"Fuck you, cheater!

Shame on you!"

The men were furious! Apart from the fact that he was driving a car towards them, he also broke his word! That was disgusting.

Despite their anger, they were helpless. The car charged at them wildly, and soon ten of them were killed. The rest of the guys were left badly injured, except for two who were still completely fine.

They gave Peter a dagger look as he sat comfortably inside the car.

"Son of a bitch! Get out of the car and fight me!"

"Fuck you, bastard! Shame on you!

said. "I'll do it!" He closed his eyes and held the tool tightly.

The ten mercenaries looked at Peter expectantly. Deep inside, they thought of how much of a fool their boss was.

'Fuck! That rich fool didn't have to spend so much money on us to get this job done.'

It seemed that Alfred overestimated Peter with all the warnings he gave them.

Peter closed his eyes as he prepared to stab his throat.

From the third floor, Bella stood up and shouted,"No, Peter!"

Ignoring her, Peter started to pull the tool towards himself

as the mercenaries looked on hardly believing their eyes.

Before any of them could react, Peter changed the tool's direction

and threw it at the nearest man.

It was too fast

and too sharp!


It went straight through the man's throat.

Blood splashed everywhere.

He died before he could scream.

"Wow! You weren't lying when you said it was sharp. It did kill you painlessly! That was a great weapon!"

Peter smiled.

The nine remaining men were stunned. Then, they went purple with rage.

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