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   Chapter 73 A Bloodbath

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9417

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The cell phone suddenly rang. Peter eagerly grabbed the mobile phone and answered it.

"Something is wrong. The car you are talking about stops at Alfred's Club. Both Bella's and Alfred's phones aren't switched off. Their phones' current location shows that they are at Alfred's Club."

Amelia failed to figure out what happened. She just told Peter what she had seen.

"Really?" Peter frowned and continued,"It is against me, I guess. Anyway, thank you so much. I have to go."

As soon as Peter hung up the phone, his car roared towards the club.

'If what Amelia said is true, it is a blatant challenge, for sure. They must have made an ambush in the club. The only thing they need to do now is to wait for me to arrive.' Peter thought while he accelerated the car.

At the sight of a barbecue stall by the roadside, Peter had something spring to mind. He pulled over and bought something there before resuming driving.

At Alfred's club

The usually noisy place was not open for guests tonight. Peter was welcomed by a dead silence.

Fifty killers were waiting for Peter on the first floor. They were hired by Felix. But the person who was behind this was Alfred. They were brave and battle wise. They were always ready to face the danger. Nothing could scare the hell of out them. Each of them could hit five.

On the second floor, only ten killers were deployed. The only difference was that they were hired by Gregorio.

It was said that they were internationally renowned mercenaries. Alfred had spent fifty times more on each of them. The higher payment endorsed their competence.

On the third floor were Alfred, Bella, Four Beauty Killers and two mysterious men, one fat and one lean.

They looked ordinary. But something unique could be sensed.

They were not hired by anyone. In actuality, they had received an order and specially came here to kill Peter. But under the circumstance, it appeared that they weren't needed at all.

Alfred wasn't aware of their specific identities, but still he showed his utmost respect to them. It was because Gregorio once said that these two people were absolutely impossible to be offended.

Still dizzy from her sleep, Bella moved her heavy eyelids. She gradually opened her eyes, but her vision was hazy as a fog. There was someone gazing at her face. She blinked for several times to stir away the blurriness of her sight. It was Alfred's face that came into her glance as soon as her sight became vivid.

She moved her eyes to the surroundings. An unfamiliar room came to her sight. The ceiling, the windows, and the furniture were all unfamiliar. This wasn't her house and definitely not her bedroom. 'Where in the world am I?' She rubbed her head as she slowly got up from the bed. She was trying to remember the moments before she passe

l to our job.' 'No one here wants your red packets. We are here to kill you, not to ask for red packets.'

They were all furious and hastily surged after Peter. They must chop this bastard into bits and let him know who the real grandchild was.

They were all running after Peter who was a meter away. When they approached the club entrance, they were stunned in surprise.

Peter jumped into his Hummer he has left on at the doorstep. He stepped hard on the gas pedal and headed on to chase the killers.

Peter grinned broadly in the Hummer. "Hahahaha, my grandchildren, let's play! Your grandpa loves to play bumper cars. The one who can beat me down will win a red packet from me."

The killers were taken aback and they swarmed out of the way to run for their lives.

They were now being chased by a Hummer. 'Even an obsolete minibus can easily kill an ordinary person, what more a Hummer can do! Only a brainless man would go straight for it with his own head.'

Though their flight reaction wasn't slow, their speed was.

With a burst of gunfire from the Hummer, more than a dozen people were thrown into the air. While their blood was splashing out, they screamed fiercely. They were massive bloodshed.

Fear was in the eyes of those wounded killers, and their hearts were filled with a grievance.

'Shameless! He's so shameless!'

They were hired killers. They were trained to kill and take lives. They were hired to kill. They were supposed to kill someone here. That someone was Peter. But instead, they were just thrown up in the air like dead leaves, without killing anyone. What a shame! There was no better insult as that. They should only stand there as Peter played hit-and-run.

"Tut tut tut, a bloodbath is in sight. But that's not enough!" Peter shouted shamelessly.

Stirring his Hummer around, he aimed to hit the last standing guys.

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