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   Chapter 72 Exquisite Driving Skills

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Updated: 2019-01-24 00:04

Peter had no clue about what had happened in the ladies' room, let alone that Bella had been taken away by someone.

After relieving himself, he went on to wait for her outside the ladies' room yet again.

Five minutes later, Bella still hadn't shown up. Peter instantly felt that something was wrong!

"Miss, could you help me find out if there is a pretty drunk woman in a black suit, inside the ladies' room?" Peter stopped a random woman who was about to enter the ladies' room and asked her for the favor.

"I'm not free right now." She cast a sidelong glance at Peter and waved him off without any hesitation.

"Don't come up with such lame excuses in order to hit on me. Such treats won't work on me. Bumpkin, I can figure all of it out from the way you are dressed, in such cheap clothes.

Don't even think about picking up pretty girls. It's never going to really happen,"

she said in a sardonic tone.

Peter was very angry by now, and wanted to kick her away!

He couldn't do anything but hold his anger back as he still needed to figure out whether Bella was in the restroom or not.

"Just please help me have a look and then it's all yours." Without speaking anymore, Peter rather chose to take out a diamond ring from his pocket.

"You really think you can fool me by showing me an artificial diamond ring that you have bought online?"

With a look of utter disdain and annoyance, she took the ring to figure out what was happening. Her expressions changed and voice stopped, as soon as she took the ring.

Suddenly, her attitude towards Peter changed and she said,"Mister, I was just kidding. How about having some fun inside to make up for my mistake?"

"Just check it out for me quickly and tell me whether there's a drunk woman inside. If you speak more, the diamond ring won't be yours," said Peter impatiently.

She didn't dare say anything more and just rushed into the ladies' room.It took her less than ten seconds to get back outside.

"Mister, there's no one inside. Maybe she has already left. Why don't you stay with me tonight?"

This woman was sure of that this was the way Peter would flirt with her and asking about some drunk girl was a mere excuse in order to initiate a conversation.

With her beautiful blue eyes, straight hair, and curvy body, she tried to show herself off in front of Peter when she was talking.

'He litearlly took out a diamond ring worth more than tens of thousands of dollars. That's quite generous.'

"Are you cent percent sure ther

sing towards Peter's car.

A Porsche pulled up to the side, alongside Peter. One of the windows was rolled down, and a girl with a pretty face smiled at Peter.

"Dude, you got nice driving skills. Are you interested in playing a game?"

"I'm not that free." Peter was in no mood to play any such silly games with her. He replied impatiently, and sped away.

"How dare you look down upon me, you asshole!" shouted the pretty girl in the car.She sped up as well, matching Peter's speed and said to him,"Dude, I can promise you anything as long as you win."

As she spoke, she tried to seduce him by flaunting her curvy body.

"I'm not interested in little girls. Go away!" Peter was just about to speed up and drive away yet again, right when something struck him!

"By the way, did you see any blue Lamborghini driving east along the river road?"

"Why? Are you chasing that car? It turned into ZL Road at the last intersection," she replied with pouted lips.

"No, I just realize that why should I tell you? Besides, you are the one who's a stupid kid driving around with other stupid kids."

She stared at him as she finished speaking.

Soon, the Hummer turned 180 degrees around and sped off into the distance.

For Peter, a 180 degrees drift was nothing very difficult, though the road was pretty narrow, and slightly crowded. It was difficult to play it like this.

It took courage and confidence, moreover. If any collision ever happened, no one involved would survive.

All the people driving on the road were literally shocked to death