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   Chapter 71 Mr. Popular

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6803

Updated: 2019-01-23 13:29

"Mister, are you looking for me?"

"Screw you bitch! He's definitely interested in me, not you."

"Get out you bitches! He's for sure trying to hit on me!"

Three beautiful women stared at the diamond rings and fought for Peter's attention.

"Don't worry, ladies. Each one of you will get a chance. Whoever comes in my arms first, will get the biggest diamond ring, while the latter will only get..."

Peter didn't even finish his sentence when the woman standing nearest to him rushed to sit on one of his legs and held him tightly with her arms.

The other two got really annoyed as they lost that opportunity. What they could do was to sit beside Peter, sad and mopey.

Brandon and Bella were both stunned on seeing this.

'Are those diamonds fake? If so, how would he deal with it later?' Brandon thought.

Bella stared at Peter in disbelief.

She thought to herself, 'I have seen these diamonds somewhere before. Ahaan! They belong to that idiot Scott! When did Peter get them from him? Why was I not informed about it?'

"Guys, see how popular I am, hmm? Call me Mr. Popular!" Peter looked over at Bella, pride all over his face.

"Mister, why don't you use your charm on me, by chatting with me in a quiet corner?"

The woman in Peter's arms tried so hard to flirt with Peter. It was easy to tell her real intentions when she said "chatting with me".

Peter was not disturbed at all. He causally took off one of the diamond rings and threw it at the collarbone of the women. Then he waved his hands, saying,"You can leave now."

"What?" The woman apparently didn't understand what was happening.

"You don't want the diamond ring any more? Fine. Then, I'll take it back," Peter said and stretched out his hand to reach for the ring.

The woman suddenly reached out for the diamond placed over her collar bone and jumped to leave quickly.

'The diamond is already mine. There's no way I'll let it go back anymore!' she thought to herself.

Peter did the same thing with two other women and soon l

trouble!' Peter thought, while assisting her towards the bathroom.

After Bella went inside the ladies' room, Peter waited for her by the door.

While going inside, she kept rambling,"Peter, you're just a coward! You said you wanted me, but you didn't even have the guts to follow me inside the ladies room. You're missing out on such a good opportunity!"

Peter heard that and nearly rushed into the bathroom, but he held himself back.

While he was waiting for her outside the ladies' room, he felt the need to use the washroom as well.

Peter thought that it would anyway take several minutes for Bella to come out, so he went to the men's room.

Back in the ladies' room, Bella was about to leave just when two women with heavy make-up came out of two different toilet rooms and walked towards Bella.

One of them had a towel in her hand and used it to cover Bella's mouth and nose with it, forcefully.

Bella couldn't even scream. She struggled for a while but then blacked out.

The two women took Bella outside from the washroom, across the entrance, into a dazzling Lamborghini, whichhad two other coquettish women inside.

Just after Bella was put into the car, the woman in the driver's seat hit the accelerator and soon drove away.

The woman in the passenger seat quickly sent a message to someone, writing:

"It's done."

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